Buy Vacation Rental

The world is a better place thanks to the community of people who have chosen to commit time, money and effort to hosting guests in vacation rentals. It is not easy, yet it is worth it! The fact that those hosts truly care, strive to create top notch experiences and push all of us to do better makes it even sweeter.

Any of these questions on your mind?

  • What are my Vacation Home Ownership Options?
  • Is a second home right for me or not
  • How to find? How to fund?
  • Should I rent for additional income
  • What about managing the property?
Getting started, we had these same questions to. It turned out to not be all rainbows and butterflies building a high performing boutique brand of vacation rentals. We are sure glad we pursued this path, however, as it has provided lots of additional income and allowed for freedom most only dream about.

Yet all we can do is borrow, apply and test. The majority of the ideas in our book, Vacation Rental Confidential, and the Vacation Home Buying Guide are not original, many are. But, if we can borrow ideas and apply them in interesting ways, perhaps we can build something meaningful and share it with the next vacation rental owner. Your Turn!

Buying a Vacation Rental in the Outer Banks?

If you are looking to buy in the Outer Banks and want help from experienced people with real results in the OBX, let us know. We know what a good vacation rental investment looks like so you can feel confident your investing wisely. Contact: 252-715-3038 or