Live Swell Story

Home is the sun, sand & surf! Founded by passionate wave riders and coastal living enthusiasts, Michael Hamilton & Maria Fuerer, Live Swell is a boutique brand of coastal vacation homes where guests refresh from reality.

From an early age the founders of Live Swell developed a love for the beach and waves. As kids they were fortunate to live near the coast and take family beach vacations where they would spend hours building sand castles, hunt for seashells, fish, body surf and catch waves on their boogie boards.

Years later, after learning to surf, serving as and Ocean Lifeguard and suffering from years of wanderlust, Mike + Maria have been fortunate to live in and visit some of the most special coastal communities on the planet. Combine this passion with an interest in coastal real estate and the seed for Live Swell was sown.

Each of our beach bungalows is handpicked, restored and renovated to its old charm with a modern feel. We take pride in transforming each property to a place where guests can feel what is like to have a beach home away from home.


Michael Hamilton Live Swell Beach Bungalows

Michael Hamilton is active and curious person that loves to travel, enjoy surfing, live by the beach and learn. With interest in coastal living along with a strong education and experience in real estate investing Michael decided to get into the vacation rental business. He has been recognized for his achievements and featured as a guest many podcasts. He has a Masters Degree in International Business from UC San Diego and an undergraduate Degree from Cornell University.

Maria Feurer Live Swell Beach Bungalows

Maria Feurer is the brains behind the Live Swell Beach Bungalow operations. She leads customer service and is responsible for developing most of business systems involving day to day dealings. Maria enjoys traveling internationally, white wine and yoga. She studied Psychology at the graduate level and has an undergraduate Degree from the University of Delaware.

Live Swell Timeline

Live Swell Timeline