Surfing Cape Town: An Excellent Winter Surf Destination

Muizenberg beach early a.m by dave jones

Surfing Cape Town.. The Surf Season Begins… When the last summer holidaymakers leave the beaches and winter sets in, the Cape Town surf season begins in earnest. The winter winds are offshore at Muizenberg beach, the city’s most popular surf spot. Beautifully shaped, clean, 2-4 foot waves appear with regularity. Deep ocean swell brings larger 4 – 6 foot or … Read More

Live Swell’s Top 10 Surfing Quotes

Just as there have been many revolutionary great surfers who have influenced the sport of surfing, there are many surfing quotes that still make waves and influence us today. These quotes make us think, inspire us to travel and surf, and most important make us want to live the lives we want. Surfing quotes provide another another perspective and can … Read More