Beach Vacation Rentals: 6 Must-Haves

If you own a beach vacation rental property, you’re probably looking to rent your property to a particular kind of vacationer – families, couples, well-to-do travelers, mature adults, surfers, outdoor trekkers, the list could go on. Attracting travelers can be very easy during some seasons and more challenging in others. Getting top dollar for your beach vacation rental in and out of season can depend on the amenities you offer. Details matter, and sometimes it’s the small touches that will cause your renters to spread the word (good or bad) about your property to their friends and family. Here are some things your beach vacation rental should offer your guests:

1. Working appliances – large and small – in addition to basic dishes and pots & pans. It seems obvious that the range and fridge should be in good working order, but offering other appliances like a toaster, blender, coffee maker, and microwave will keep your renters from forming a negative opinion about your property. A washer and dryer in your unit is ideal, but if it can’t be done, having a laundry room on the property (if you own a condo or own in a managed community) will be a big boost for renter satisfaction and for your wallet.

2. Cleaning supplies. Renters expect to have to bring or buy groceries during the length of their stay, but expecting them to pick up the tab for expensive cleaning products that will likely be left behind in your rental is unfair. If you want your guests to keep your space clean, provide them with all the materials needed to meet such an expectation.

3. Storage. Ample closet space (with hangers), dresser drawers, bathroom cabinets, surfboard rack space, and beach toy storage will be both used and greatly appreciated by your renters. They will brag about how nice it was to be able to actually unpack during their stay instead of living out of their bags because there was nowhere to put all their stuff.

4. Simple decor, clean spaces. It doesn’t have to be high-end, but it does need to be aesthetically pleasing. Simple is best. No one wants to feel like they are vacationing in a fraternity house. If you have Christmas lights around any room in your rental, it’s time to rethink your decorating style. Clean carpets and hard surface flooring, as well as paint that’s not more than three years past its last fresh coat will add to your rental value and put your guests at ease. There are few things worse than being afraid to remove your shoes in your beach vacation rental.

5. Beach stuff. A few¬†pails and shovels, boogie boards (or even surfboards), umbrellas, chairs, etc. will draw in renters because it means they don’t have to pack these items in the car. You will have renters return again if they know you have all the beach supplies covered for them. Label them with your unit number and leave a general note in the rental agreement asking tenants to kindly replace anything that is lost or broken during their stay.

6. Information. A binder filled with restaurant information, take out menus, sightseeing and activity brochures, frequently called phone numbers, emergency maintenance numbers or contractors, and other valuable pieces of information will increase tenant happiness and draw more renters to your beach vacation rental because they can be assured that the owner cares enough to make their stay enjoyable.

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