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Enjoy this short clip of Live Swell Beach Bungalows guests & friends on a few of our outer banks kayak adventures, to see what it is like.

Ocean Kayaking
Sound Kayaking
Sunset or Sunrise Kayaking
OBX Kayak Fishing
Alligator River Refuge
Kitty Hawk Preserve Kayaking
Guided Kayak Tours or Rentals

Types of Coastal Kayak Tours – You can be your own guide or take a tour. There are plenty of great types coastal kayak tours you can enjoy when in the Outer Banks.

Ocean Kayaking

Father and daughter find dolphins on coastal kayak tour in OBX ocean!

Sound Kayaking

Sister and Nephew out a Live Swell Experience at one of our favorite secret beaches!

Sunrise or Sunset Kayaking

More Coastal Kayak Tours

OBX Kayak Fishing

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing & Excursions Ocean coastal kayak tour

Alligator River Wildlife Preserve

Black bears, wolves, alligators and more! on this Outer Banks Kayak Adventures Tour

Kitty Hawk Preserver + more!

Taking Live Swell guests out on a private coastal kayak tour in the Kitty Hawk Preserve

Recommended Coastal Kayak Tours

Outer Banks Kayak Adventures

Outer Banks Kayak Adventures was created from a passion for nature and paddling, and the desire to share meaningful outdoor experiences with others.

Click here to book your tour or rental now!

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing & Excursions

Kayak fishing has grown exponentially on the Outer Banks and throughout the world since 2007. Anglers and water enthusiasts have combined their passion for water sports and fishing into one awesome experience. Kayak fishing can allow an affordable way to chase some of your favorite species over and over again without breaking the bank.

Allow Rob to show you just how much fun kayak fishing can be on the Outer Banks. What we love about Rob is his strong belief in quality so we always feel good about recommending one of his tours to our Live Swell guests!
Click here to book your tour or rental now!

Live Swell Experiences

We prefer to recommend a perfect tour for our guests, but sometimes that tour is not available or our guests are looking for something more personal and private.

Based on availability, we are happy to offer private coastal kayak tours or rentals for folks looking for a Live Swell Experience

Happy Kayaking!

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