How to Set Up and How to Wax a Surfboard

Step #1

Before we can get into the water its important to cover some basics like setting up a surfboard which includes connecting a leash and how to wax a surfboard.  We cover those in this video;

Surfing Etiquette + Surfing Rules

Its important to be mindful of general surfing rules and surfing etiquette as it keeps everyone more safe in the ocean.  Surfing is a ton of fun but just as there can be traffic on a highway there can be traffic in the ocean.  When we are mindful and observe the surfing rules we are less likely to have a collision or other mishap in the water.

Surfing Etiqutte Santa Cruise California Live Swell Road Trip

Surfing Etiquette + Surfing Rules Posted at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz California

Surfing the White Wash: Paddeling A Surfboard + Catching Waves

If its your first time or your just getting into surfing your probably going to start catching waves in the “white wash” (thats most surf instructors suggestion).  The “white wash” is the area between the outside breaking waves and the beach, its the “rush” of white foam heading into the beach and gives a new or learning surfer a high chance for having fun and catching a wave, lots of people try to “bodysurf” the whitewash, you may have to in the past.  Be careful, surfing and the surf lifestyle is addicting, it may change your life!

Check out this short video with Alana Blanchard to better see how to paddle a surfboard and catch some waves.

Fun OBX Waves just North of the Avalon Pier. Surf in Surf Out at the Avalon Beach Bungalow OBX

Fun OBX Waves just North of the Avalon Pier. Surf in Surf Out at the Avalon Beach Bungalow OBX

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Water Safety

Entering and Exiting the Ocean

Goofy vs. Regular:  Are you goofy or regular foot?

Paddeling a Surfboard

Sitting on a Surfboard

Catching Waves for the Beginner

Catching Waves Intermediate

How to use a boggie board?

Favorite Surfing Destinations

Mike Surfing San Diego Mission Beach

Mike getting a few good ones form a San Diego wind swell in Mission Beach


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