Summary of “Sparkling Clean” Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training

  • The 3 Big Reasons why you are smart to think about vacation rental housekeeping training!
  • In this post, How to solve vacation rental cleaning problems once and for all!!!
  • An intro to Live Swell’s “Sparkling Clean Training & Certification Course for Housekeepers” & where to buy the full course! If you are serious.

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Why we believe Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training Important?

The BIG REASONS we felt the need to standardize a Sparkling Clean Training & Certification course for housekeepers:

  1. Establish a “Clean” Standard
  2. Education & Training for cleaners improves performance
  3. Guests in a COVID world DEMAND Sparkling Clean

The big problem with “cleaning” vacation rentals is that most people have varying interpretations on what “clean” actually is. Particularly, “Sparkling Clean.”

1) Establish “Clean” Standard

Without #1, Established Cleaning Standards, outcomes will inevitably vary, not good:

Different Interpretations of a “Clean” Bathroom.

To solve the first problem, every vacation rental housekeeping training program should have set “Room by Room” Cleaning Procedures & Checklists. This way the expectations of the turn over clean and its outcomes are defined from the start. There is no wiggle room!!!

2) Education & Training Improves Housekeeper Performance

Most folks and property managers don’t give too much thought to a vacation rental housekeeping training program. Often these people think cleaning is “easy” or that “anyone can clean well.” This mindset is simply not accurate, cleaning well is not easy! Too bad for them and their guests.

The reality is that people who focus on improvement get better. It is our responsibility as owners and managers to provide the tools, resources, education & training.

3) Guests In a COVID World DEMAND Sparkling Clean

In a new world with health, viruses & clean living top of mind, never has vacation rental housekeeping training been more important.

If a guest does not “feel” clean in your rental it will get hard for them to get comfortable. Lack of comfort can lead to bad reviews, headaches or charge backs.

Conversely, a Sparkling Clean Training & Certification program can lead to improved reviews, increased occupancy and more revenue.

How to solve vacation rental cleaning problems for good!

Well you are starting on the right track!

What I can’t tell you is exactly how you will solve your vacation rental cleaning issue. What I can tell you is how we solved ours after hosting 1000’s of guest stays….

We set the “Clean” Standard! We did the hard work! We spent time scrubbing toilet bowls. We cleaned after hairy, stinky pets! AND We studied WHO & CDC cleaning & disinfecting guidelines.

Though this hard work we found our secret cleaning sauce, then we documented it & recorded it on video……These room by room procedures and raw footage became the foundation of our Sparkling Clean Training and Certification Program.

Live Swell’s 7 Step “Sparkling Clean” Vacation Rental Housekeeping Process

7 Step Sparkling Clean Vacation Rental Housekeeping Process

Live Swell’s “Sparkling Clean Training & Certification Course”

“You don’t always get to choose the job you do, but, you do get to choose how well you do it.”


Our Sparkling Clean Course is not for every cleaner! There is a misconception cleaning is “easy,” it is not. It is one of the most important jobs in hospitality. Cleaning at this level can be challenging as expectations are high.

Three Key Components

  • Sparkling Clean Room by Room Procedures & Checklists
  • Comprehensive 4 hour Course with Video: of owners, Mike and Maria, executing ALL components our Sparkling Clean Program
  • Certification of Housekeepers: Successful completion of our training comes with a valuable display badge. This badge demonstrates commitment to housekeeping best practices.  This can be placed in listing and on listing photos.

Room By Room Procedures & Checklists

Never miss an item! Our Room by Room Procedures & Checklists checks all the boxes!

Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training
Pet “Clean Sweep” System Example

4 Hour Sparkling Clean Course

The full course is taught on “Teachable” and is a self-paced course designed to certify housekeepers in cleaning & disinfecting best practices.

This is the same course we use to train & certify our housekeepers at Live Swell Beach Bungalows.  It is the same system you can use to train your housekeepers, right now!

Excerpt of Sparking Clean Training Course on Teachable

Certification of Housekeepers

The best part! Imagine the confidence and peace of mind you will feel knowing your vacation rental housekeepers are trained & certified!

Successful completion of the Sparkling Clean Training & Certification Course comes with a valuable display badge. This can be proudly displayed in your vacation rental listing or on specific photos as a demonstrated commitment to clean! Annual renewal is required.

“Sparkle Clean” Certification Badge (Watermarked for Integrity)

Your Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training Options:

The options are simple:

  1. No Housekeeping Training: Yikes, good luck!
  2. Build your own housekeeping training: You can do this. It will take some time, energy and effort to document, capture video and create a training program.
  3. Invest Immediately Into a Proven Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training Course: Start the Sparkling Clean Training & Certification Course Now on Teachable

If you learn one thing from reading this somehow, someway get your vacation rental housekeepers trained!

Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training
“Johnny Clean” is Sparkling Clean

Did you Know? There is a COST to NOT having Vacation Rental Housekeeping Training!!

There is a cost to not having a professional cleaning program, it is:

  • Headaches: One way or another an owner hears about their dirty vacation rental, hopefully not in the online reviews. If you are an owner-manager then you’ll also have to deal directly with unhappy guests that don’t feel clean.
  • Refunds: Dirty, stinky and unclean homes are a breeding ground for guests to request refunds. What a pain in the ass!
  • Not Fun: Getting frustrated with housekeepers that don’t change, complaining guests, stepping in to clean yourself is not the way to grow a vacation rental business.