Best Surf Destinations to Visit During Holidays

If you travel and surf a lot you have likely, by coincidence, ended up abroad on a surf trip while there is a national holiday, observance or festival taking place.  Lucky you, we have found that some of our most epic trips & memories have occurred during these festive times – whether by design or coincidence. It just makes sense, people are happy, in good spirits, they have time off and most are pretty ready to let loose – and that means the visiting surf traveler is in for a blast, unique experience and cultural exchange, as long as they embrace it.  Here is the cool thing, even if you have yet to experience a holiday abroad, it pretty simple to dial it in.  It’s a matter of knowing when the holiday’s and festivals of a surf destination line up together.

Best Places to Travel and Surf During Holidays



Riddled with bad press and stories of drug trafficking, bandido’s and federales, Mexico is one of our top choices an epic place to take surf trip during holidays – if you have the “juevos.”  Mexico’s surf towns receive swells year round and the country has varied coastline, surf breaks and warm water temps.  The locals are fun spirited people and just know how to have a great time – and if you enjoy food at all Mexico’s cuisine is to die for – including local fresh fish, lobsters, street tacos just to name a few.  They also seem to really enjoy tequila and cerveza if your into that sort of thing.  Try “Barrillito” – the most recognizable bottle and tasty working mans beer.

Top Mexican Holidays For a Surf Trip – “Feriados”

September 16th, Dia De Independecia, Independence Day

November 20th & 20st, Dia de La Revelucion, Revelution Day

March 27 Week, Semana Santa, Easter holiday Week (typically ensures a lot of energy and a good time)

The fall and early winter are prime season for the Pacific side of Mexico – your best bets will include towns in Baja California like Rosarito, Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. Further south, are the beach towns around Puerto Vallarta, like Punta Mita & Sayulita, and a bit further you can pop in to the Mexican Pipeline – Puerto Escondido – just outside of Hautulco.

Costa Rica

Surf trips to Costa Rica are fairly commonplace these days.  The country offers great warm water waves, welcoming locals, safety and ton’s of activity when the surf falls flat – if it ever does.  If you want to take a Costa Rica surf trip to another level consider heading the Costa Rica’s surf towns during a holiday – your sure to score some great surf and a party. While most of Costa Rica is worth visiting, whether you surf or not, surf towns like, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, Quepos, and Jaco / Playa Hermosa will be lively.

Top Costa Rican Holiday to Visit During Holidays

September 15th, Dia De Independecia, Independence Day

January 1st, Ano Nuevo, New Years

March 27 Week, Semana Santa, – Easter Week

United States 


The United States is blessed with two massive coasts that get waves year round and the American’s sure know how to have a good time during the holidays.  If you are into barbecues and hanging out on the beach this may be the spot for you.  Your best bet will be the surf destinations of the west coast and Hawaii due the consistency of year round swell activity.  However, one of the best national holiday’s, Labor Day, typically celebrated as a weekend event the first weekend of September and marks the un-official end of summer, and is also peak hurricane season for the east coast.  Scoring great waves on the east coast of the USA is not only a unique experience but slightly euphoric.  Consider, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, New York, New Jersey or the rocky reefy points of the New England states.

In the 1980’s hit movie, Coming to America, the characters of Eddie Murphy, an African prince, and his servant, Arsenio Hall have a tough time deciding where to go because “the land is so big, the choice so infinite…”  Stating on the east coast in September, and later heading west to California and south to Mexico for Dia De Independencia may be a good option.

Best American Holidays for a Surf Vacation

May 30th, Memorial Day Weekend

July 4th, Independence Day

September 5th, Labor Day Weekend



It seem like every day in Spain is a holiday.  The Spaniards have it in their blood to enjoy life to the fullest and we agree with them.  On your average day, in most of Spain, the eating, drinking and socializing begins at the local Bars with tiny portions of Spanish delicacies called, Tapas.  So you could imagine the holiday’s here are taken pretty seriously to.   The north of Spain, known as the Basque Country, is where the majority of the surf scene is, even though the Mediterranean does pulse once in a while.  In the fall season, the ideal surf season, you can find local wine festivals, celebrating exactly that, generous overflowing pours of white wine from the region.

Bali, Indonesia 

Bali is a blast no matter when you go, but if you can make for for the new year you will be in for a special experience and a very different kind of surf trip. Digital nomads are into this place they just outsource their work or they hire seo services denver co to manage their online jobs for them. Unlike, several other cultures all around the world who celebrate the New Year with dynamic and sparkling festivities, the crowning point of the Balinese New Year 6 day celebration is a day dedicated to complete silence, called Nyepi, meaning “to keep silent” and falls on the day after the dark moon of the spring equinox when the day and night are of approximately equal duration. Considering the surf is pretty much on at some level in the Indian ocean all year round, Nyepi, may be a good option. Get offer for holiday season now!

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