Understanding The Kill Devil Hills Surf Report

Kill Devil Hills Surf Report Live Swell Beach Bungalows.png

The Kill Devil Hills Surf Report Explained Surf reports and surf forecasting can be very tricky business. This post was designed to help OBX visitors better understand not only the Kill Devil Hills Surf Report but also surf forecasting in the OBX in general. If you’ve visited the OBX you know it can be a windy place. This is a … Read More

Part 1: Surf Trip FAQ’s Answered

Surf Trip FAQs

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months trudging knee deep in the depths of a variety of surf forums. The following piece is addressed to help narrow down some of the most reoccurring questions and concerns that traveling surfers face on a regular basis. However, if you don’t feel like going through this article … Read More

Most Commonly Forgotten Items While Packing For a Surf Trip

packing essentials

I had just landed in France for the very first time. I could not wait to eat copious amounts of food, binge on Bordeaux’s cheapest wines and hit up the notoriously wild beach breaks. The anticipation has been building for the last fifteen hours of travel all of the way from San Diego, through Paris and finally down to Biarritz. … Read More

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

How’s your mindset around credit cards?  Most people have a consumer mindset around credit cards – they have negative idea’s engrained into their subconscious from years of conditioning.   Problem is they don’t know how to use them and even fear them (at times these folks even experience paranoia like cutting them up frantically).  Folks the problem is not the … Read More

A Magical Scorpion Bay Surf Trip

Scorpion bay surfing

After building many relationships with various surfers in the Cabo area, I kept hearing them talk about this magical place I needed to visit that they call San Juanico but for “gringos” it is known as Scorpion Bay. It seemed that a Scorpion Bay Surf Trip would be in my near future. The decision to surf San Juanico also known … Read More

Best Surf Destinations to Visit During Holidays

If you travel and surf a lot you have likely, by coincidence, ended up abroad on a surf trip while there is a national holiday, observance or festival taking place.  Lucky you, we have found that some of our most epic trips & memories have occurred during these festive times – whether by design or coincidence. It just makes sense, people … Read More

California Road Trip

California Road Trip

Let’s Hit The Road! California has one of the most picturesque coastlines and varies widely considering that it measures out to bee roughly 830 miles in length. We have decided to put together a few of our favorite pit stops going from south to north.Pack the car, grab the camping gear and your boards because its time to hit the … Read More

Yoga and Surfing: Learn to paddle stronger

Yoga and Surfing I’ve mentioned before that my paddle strength is pretty horrible. Never was this more evident than when trying to paddle out on a recent trip to Southern California. I’m good at spotting the channel, but the impact zone on a California wave is long and fast, not like the Florida conditions I’m used to, so my options … Read More

Sharkiest Surf Towns


The chances of running into an apex predator are astronomically rare. The odds are so slim, in fact, that a person has a far greater chance of just about anything than coming face to face with a shark. Naturally though, as surfers, we’ll never completely block out the thought of running into our sharped tooth friends while enjoying our favorite pastime. Here are … Read More

To People That Want Freedom like a Beach Bum (Without Being Broke)

Afford to be surf bum

Desire more freedom to live life on your terms with the ability to afford it and not go broke?   If you had the flexibility to control more of your time, could you travel and surf more? Thinking outside the cubicle has helped many eager travelers, caged up in office buildings or frustrated, enhance their perspective and visit rad surf destinations more often. If you are into … Read More