Don’t Miss the Next Polar Vortex! and It’s Effects on Surf!

Clearly there has been some wild weather this year in North America. During the first two weeks of January, I took a surf trip to Florida and after the first day the high temp never exceeded 50 degrees. Yikes! However, one day the swell was pumping in Cocoa beach.

California and Hawaii have had epic periods of large swells, along with the east coast and Europe. What’s going on:

This BBC article helps to explain, “Polar Vortex send giant “black swell” to Europe.”

This is Huge!

This is Huge!

If you are sitting here thinking, well it’s great to know what’s going on with the surf, but I want to surf the surf. It’s not easy to always know when the best surf is happening which can make planning a trip a little tricky. We wanted to help take some of the pain away from watching a great swell from afar.

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