Have you ever asked yourself how you can travel and surf more often? We do all the time.  We are passionate about traveling and surfing as much as possible and believe there are really not to many better reasons to travel then to travel and surf!  Just thinking about a surf trip produces feelings of excitement and stoke. When your traveling and surfing you are living life to the fullest. 

There are many types of surf trips to consider including, surf charters, surf camps, solo surf trips, surf resorts and visiting rad surf towns just to mention a few.  In this post we will discuss how you can travel and surf more often and differently by taking a surf trip to a surf town.

Fire in the Sky Coolangatta Live Swell Surf Trip-imp

Fire in the Sky Coolangatta – Gold Coast OZ – A Rad Surf Town w/ Affordable Surf Rentals


Why surf towns? In addition to consistent waves the best surf towns offer unique places to stay (for rent), welcoming and insightful locals, great culture, a mellow vibe but above all surf towns offer affordability and that means we can travel and surf more.  Its a different type of surf trip, packed with lots of value, flexibility where you can feel immersed in the culture.  If you like that keep reading we will show you an easy option to increase your surf travel budget instantly or check this site OnePayday.com

Traveling is an awesome opportunity to enhance your perspective and have a blast, yet the big problems all travelers face are a shortage of time and money.  So any smart options to conserve money, like choosing to stay at a short term rental, help.  When you can later read this; The 2 Biggest Expenses on Surf Trip and What To Do About It.

Today, how people connect and travel has changed dramatically, online trends coupled with harsh economic realities and consumer preferences have created demand for more unique and affordable travel solutions – these ideas and innovations benefit us as travelers if we are open to it. In our recent surf travel experiences we recognized the growing acceptance of vacation rentals and, more importantly, “shared space” aka Airbnb type accommodations – so we participated and loved it.   It became clear very quickly that more space, amenities, affordability and a local connection added major benefits to the surf travel experience.

The Benefits of Surf Travel at Surf Towns

Surf Rentals are Affordable:  One of the biggest benefits is affordability, plain and simple.  For example, dividing the costs of a surf rental property between a few buddies or family members – dramatically can reduce your cost per night per person – not only is it a better overall experience – its a cheaper surf trip and that means there’s more money left over for more.  It just makes sense. SurfBreakRentals.com, focuses on surf rentals and has a bunch of great options in many top surf destinations.

More Space:  In a resort, hotel, boat or surf camp space can be tight – sometimes like a shoebox. When you rent a house in a surf town you typically have a lot more space and that includes a kitchens, multiple bathrooms, private rooms and a yard.

More Amenities: When we are on the beach, we prefer amenities like outdoor showers, beach cruisers, multiple grills, full kitchen, games, laundry hookups and these sorts of things.  They can really make a difference – especially on rainy days or when the surf craps out.

Local Connections:  Local hosts and contacts with similar interests, like surfing and traveling, can be a great asset to your trip.  They can save you time dialing you in at the right surf spots and introduce you to other friends and hidden gems you would otherwise not know about.  You may even make a friend for life.

After participating as guests and developing relationships with awesome hosts, and really seeing the value of our experience staying at surf rentals in various surf towns, we decided to participate as hosts ourselves and purchased the Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow OBX in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.   At first we thought it would be awesome to host just our friends and family, but later realized the potential could be so much more by offering it to cool folks, like us, seeking a unique experience at a rad surf town. It has been an opportunity to share our unique bungalow along with the local experience at one of the best surf towns of the Outer Banks.   Yet in renting our bungalow, something magical happened:  it turned out to produce an other income stream so we could have the time freedom to travel and surf more. 


Live Swell’s vision is to inspire folks to travel and surf smarter, more and differently, so they could simply get more out of life.  We feel, too often folks go through life not really living it, Oscar Wilde said it well, “To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist that is all.” It’s sad and disenchanting to us so many people go through life in the rat wheel never thinking outside the cubicle.  If you don’t know your time is precious you will hate yourself later.  Grateful and fortunate are we for the opportunities we have had, we feel that other travelers, like us,  can get more freedom to travel and surf if they simply had more creative ideas on how to do it.  

This brings me to a point where I made a promise about how to increase your travel budget almost instantly. It’s not a solution for everyone or perfect solution, but it has worked for many smart travelers and it will be worth it to you if you want more freedom and time to travel, how would you like to be in Bali will money coming in while you are surfing, traveling and drinking Bintang at the bar? 

When you spend time traveling (away from your primary residence) and rent it the tax rules can be highly lucrative.  This means you can significantly reduce travel costs with the rental income earned, while you travel. Here is the kicker, the best tax deals for travelers with primary residences or investment property is when the property is rented for 14 or fewer days. Income earned for a two-week rental or less is tax-free.  Just so you know, that could be worth more than $5000 in tax free money – it just makes sense.

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