My Second Surf Trip

After my first experience with surfing, I couldn’t stop thinking about when I would once again get the opportunity to feel that spiritual high that had transformed my life. I was ready for my next trip which would be surfing Tamarindo Costa Rico.

Why Tamarindo?

As a mother of four, I quickly got back to my day to day life and obligations but I could never shake the desire to ride a wave again. I began to dream about owning property somewhere that would allow me to be able to surf regularly and share that experience with my kids. This dream then became an obsession and I began to look for the cost of buying property somewhere that the surf was good. My husband at the time noticed my obsession and realized that it wasn’t something that was just going to pass and so he supported me in looking for a vacation property. We chatted with our realtor who spoke with great enthusiasm about Tamarindo in Costa Rica.  We did some research about Tamarindo and as soon as I learned that it is a surf town, I was sold. We booked our trip and set the date to go at the end of November 2013 for three weeks.

An Adventure: Surfing Tamarindo Costa Rico

Finally the day came to start our adventure. My kids were just as excited as I was despite the long twelve hour travel day ahead of us, we knew the reward would be worth it.  It was 9pm when we arrived in Liberia Costa Rica to meet our driver that would take us for the hour ride into Tamarindo. Because it was late at night, we were not able to appreciate the ecology around us at the time. Once we arrived at our rented condo, we briefly settled in before we all passed out from the long day.

Morning came with the unique sounds of various animals making noise. There was one particular sound that echoed in the trees and that we later found out was that of the howler monkeys that like to make a lot of noise early in the morning.  As we emerged from our condo we quickly were taken back by the natural beauty of our surrounding. So much lush vegetation, beautiful colorful flowers, birds, lizards and bugs, lots and lots of really big bugs! Like a grasshopper the size of your hand.

Costa Rica Carolin howler monkey

I was so eager to go check out the beach and get my surfing Tamarindo Costa Rica adventure started. I quickly got my kids breakfast and into their bathing suits so we could go check it out. We were very fortunate to be staying in a condo that was literally ten steps away from the beach. We crossed the gravel road, then followed the sandy path between houses to access the beach, and as we passed the lush trees and bushes, the beauty of the ocean showed itself.

To the Beach!

It was breathtaking. I took in a deep breath of the ocean smell and briefly lost myself in the thought of gratitude to be back in the oceans presence. The oceans powerful energy filled my body and I shared the joy with my children we were also so excited to enjoy the moment.

I felt a sense of peace, tranquility and at home. The beach to the left ended with a rocky ledge that cut off the beach but to the right was a long beach that seemed to be endless. The beach was for the most part a sandy bottom beach but there were sections that had a lot of sea shells.

Costa Rica Carolin Beach Surfer

There were surfers playing in the waves and as I scanned the beach I noticed a sign offering surf lessons.

Since I had my kids with me, we headed to the Pedro’s surf shop to chat about renting a surf board and taking lessons. Both my daughters, my sister, my husband and I wanted to take a surf lesson and rent a surf board for the three weeks that we would be there.

We met Richard from New York who runs Pedro’s surf shop who moved to Costa Rica for a slower pace in life. Richard was so welcoming and great with the kids. We booked our surf lessons for that afternoon. I was so pumped I couldn’t wait for time to pass.

Costa Rica Carolin family Surfing Tamarindo costa rico

Finally, the moment was upon us and we met Richard and his crew on the beach. Richard walked us through the basics of the pop up, surf etiquette (which I was not taught before and is very important if you want to surf on local turf) and some safety tips (which again I was not taught before but can literally save your head on day!).

Richard let me use a blue long board, that was a bit haggard but you could tell why once you got on it. It was one of Richards favorites. While my sister and my husband took lessons, I played on this board.

I thought I was in heaven. I walked out as far as I could then a paddled out for a short period before preparing to catch a wave.  The skills from my first surf lesson had all come back to me. I was able to get on the board on my first try, I was ecstatic. The energy of the wave and the ocean was rushing through my body and I was in a deep state of gratitude.

Costa Rica Carolin surfingCosta Rica Carolin daughter surfing Surfing tamarindo costa rico


Costa Rica 2

And there you have it, a surfing Tamarindo Costa Rica Adventure.

Article Written By: Carolin Ricciardi, a Mother of 4, who never gave up on her surfing dreams

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