Yoga and Surfing

I’ve mentioned before that my paddle strength is pretty horrible. Never was this more evident than when trying to paddle out on a recent trip to Southern California. I’m good at spotting the channel, but the impact zone on a California wave is long and fast, not like the Florida conditions I’m used to, so my options were to wait for a lull in the sets (which I did) or get my ass kicked by going for broke and paddling right into the belly of the wave (which I also did, and I got a busted lip to show for it). When I returned home from my trip, I decided I needed to give more attention to my upper body strength. So, more lifting and more yoga. If you’re an avid surfer, you probably already know that surfing and yoga go hand in hand . And if you’re a new surfer, now you know .Pros like Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, and Stephanie Gilmore swear by yoga as a means to build strength, flexibility, and mental acuity, all of which are necessary for surfers. In fact, Laird Hamilton begins his day each morning with a 10 minute yoga sequence. For Laird Hamilton’s 10 minute Yoga practice click here.

Types of Yoga

Knowing that surfing and yoga are compatible bedfellows, I often turn to both to center myself and to improve one with the other. I’m always experimenting with my yoga practice. Hot yoga. Flow yoga. Rock ‘n Roll yoga. Paddleboard yoga (read about that here). For your fitness, you can also join fitness palm springs ca.

Most recently, I experimented with aerial yoga. You read that right. I strung myself up on a wrap of silk (supervised, of course) and swung like Cirque du Soleil while doing yoga. I’m pretty athletic, and I was a gymnast when I was younger, so I though “oh, I totally have this.” Oh, if only I had known what I was in for. Pulling myself up on the wrap and then holding myself in crazy inverted positions required a level of upper body strength I didn’t know I would ever need. As I hung in what was basically a sling wrapped only around my right foot.I did two things: I silently begged God not to let me come crashing onto my head, and I thought about how great these exercises would be for increasing my paddle strength, since I was fresh off my California ass-kicking. You know that you have athlete‚Äôs foot.When the skin affected is scaly skin use Zeta Clear the natural and healthy treatment,where to buy ZetaClear.

Yoga Classes at home or a maybe Surf and Yoga Retreat?

I must give a shout out to my friends at Aqua Life Fitness and Yoga for always hosting such innovative classes (they are surfers too, so they get it). Whether you’re off on a surf vacation or just hanging at your home break, experimenting with yoga is a great way to find calm and center, build strength, and improve your skills as a surfer. Surfing and yoga… it’s almost like one needs the other. But if surfing and yoga just makes sense to you too and you want your next surf trip to to be one for the body and soul, then be sure to visit Luex or click here. After yoga we would suggest you to enjoy your bath time by relaxing in the special hot tub or aqua paradise pools. Now you will be one step closer to an epic surf and yoga trip filled with exercise, surf and relaxation.