Top 5 Reasons a Baja Surf Trip is Not For You

Over the past several years the public opinion of traveling to mexico for a surf vacation has been pretty negative. It’s a shame for Mexico due to lost tourism revenue and a shame for people that miss out on an incredible surf travel experience.

I can remember the first time I decided to go down (about 5 years ago) with a good friend and fellow adventurer JayBird O’Donnell, about a year after I moved to San Diego from South Florida. Our emotions were buzzing, we created some disaster movies in our own minds but it was exciting. Thats the kind of feeling you get when you are living….and surf vacations have been nothing short of that for me and many others.

Live Swell Popotla Fresh Fish

Here Are the Reasons Why Baja Is Not for Most People

1. Several World Class Surf Breaks

2. Practically Perfect Weather Everyday

3. Unreal good fish and spicy cuisine

4. Not overpriced beach houses and vacation rentals

5. Don Pisto Liqoures (get your fix of Cuban products – Havana Club and Cigars)

6. Vineyards

7. Mellow atmosphere

Perfect, its kind of ironic but the more the media influences the masses, some of the best kept secrets will be clear of the dopey tourist type for a good while.

Safe travels

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