Live Swell Introduces One-of-a-Kind Vacation Rental Training

Whats your secret sauce?” “Do you offer vacation rental training?” were the questions we continually received from guests, fans and other aspiring and established vacation rental owners.  I have to admit, in the beginning I did not want to give away our secrets.  These secrets and process we distilled over years and via thousands of guests, in multiple properties in multiple locations at the highest level.  But then, I thought to myself, “well, the majority of our vacation rental customers love our product, commitment and experience we deliver, so if we can help them, maybe we can help other vacation rental owners, like us.”  So from that realization we started to think about what types of vacation rental training could add value to the customer and make sense to us to.

The Vacation Rental Experts Retreat

We thought long and hard about what types of effective training we could provide that could really fast-track confidence and keep owners safe.  The fact is there is a lot of vacation rental training that already exists in various forms like; online courses, summit or seminar events, thought leaders and more.  We knew, regardless, that we could take our training to the next level and make it completely unique.  What if we could truly immerse our students in the vacation rental business, reduce their risk and create a great time out of it?  This is the Vacation Rental Experts Retreat.

We understand vacation home buyers have a wide variety of concerns and fears that must be eased so they can feel confident about their vacation rental investment property.  For these reasons, our main goals with the VR Experts Retreat is increase confidence and the likelihood of vacation rental success.

Disclaimer:  We can not guarantee a person’s success by attending this training.  Our promise is to instruct our students on how we have built our successful brand of vacation rentals, provide guidance on “what we would do” and increase the students probability of success.  This event is not for you if your are looking for a silver bullet, pipe dream or are unwilling to self improve and learn.

VR Experts Retreat Vacation Rental Training Program

The Vacation Rental Experts Retreat takes place on-site at the Live Swell Beach Bungalows in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Students, will become guests as the retreat includes accommodation.  The the education is a mix of classroom and “labs” in the field hands-on training.  The Experts Retreat also includes a couple meals and the option to do a seasonal “excursion.” All education and labs are taught by Live Swell Founders and Vacation Rental Confidential Authors, Michael Hamilton and Maria Feurer.

How is the Vacation Rental Experts Retreat Different?

  1. ONLY On-site Vacation Rental Training by VR Owners at their Vacation Rentals
  2. Taught directly by Live Swell Founders and Vacation Rental Confidential Authors
  3. Includes stay at a Live Swell Beach Bungalow
  4. Property “Lab” Tour of Live Swell Bungalows
  5. Property “Lab” Tour and Inspections of On-Market VR Opportunities
  6. Covers the Live Swell Proven Process
Vacation Rental Training with Mike and Maria

Vacation Rental Experts Retreat with Mike and Maria

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