Owning a Vacation Rental 101: Biggest Lessons Learned (Toilet Bowls?)

Summary of Owning a Vacation Rental 101 What do you wish you knew when getting started on your first rental? Mike and Maria discuss this question after hosting thousands of guests and growing a boutique brand of VR’s Design Vacation Rental as “Easy to Use” – make it easy for your guests to vacation What you can learn from toilet … Read More

Design Phase Begins for Newest Live Swell Beach Bungalows

Obx new homes

We are excited to announce that over the past few months we have started the design phase for upcoming Live Swell Beach Bungalows. “The new construction option allows us to customize all the best Live Swell Bungalow features, take advantage of modern building construction and continue to provide opportunities for our guests and investors. So we are pretty stoked about … Read More

Unattended Grill Results in AirBnB House Fire at the Bohemian Bungalow OBX

Airbnb House Fire OBX

Summary of Airbnb House Fire At the Bohemian Bungalow OBX On 6/30/21 a guest left a grill unattended resulting in a significant fire loss rendering the new Bohemian Bungalow inhabitable (See Video of Damage in this post) A pricey “Fire Investigation” funded by AirBnb could not eliminate the guest as a cause of the fire, this finding will test the … Read More

Unique Surf Podcast Focuses on Happy Balanced Life

Unique Surf Podcast Focuses on Balanced Life Live Swell

Summary of Unique Surf Podcast Meet Imi Barneaud, a surfer, mum, entrepreneur, vacation home host and host of the Oceanriders Podcast Listen to Episode 56: Imi interviews Michael Hamilton, we talk many topics including the Live Swell Proven Process Standout episode list from the Oceanriders podcast Mike quotes from the podcast Have you desired the opportunity to fit more of … Read More

How to Build Wealth With Vacation Rental Homes

How to build wealth with vacation rentals Live Swell

Summary of How to Build Wealth with Vacation Rental Homes In this post & video, learn the smart way to add vacation rentals as part of your wealth building plan We expose our Principles & Strategy to build wealth via vacation home rentals in real estate in 5 simple steps We’ll show you by graph how wealth is built. When … Read More

How to Short the Dollar via Vacation Rentals

How to short the dollar

Summary of How to short the dollar? In this post & video, Why would Warren Buffett “load up” and buy a couple hundred thousand SFR if he could? Learn one of the most powerful (and least understood) financial principles “Shorting” and how it can be applied to all real estate investing We showcase our 5 Step “How to ‘Short’ the … Read More

Vacation Rental Insurance for Renters: FAQ’s for Travelers & Visitors

Vacation Rental Insurance for Renters Live Swell v1

Summary of Vacation Rental Insurance for Renters In this post & video, learn the 3 main components of a travel protection plan and why they are important Learn what vacation rental insurance for renters covers (including COVID scenarios) Find out the top reasons why travelers purchase travel insurance and IF AirBnB will cover you? Is vacation rental insurance for travelers … Read More

The Outer Banks Vacation Guide – Things you might miss

live swell obx vacation guide

Refresh from reality by the beach We are so happy to have you stay at one of our bungalows! Our goal is to help make your vacation as easy as possible so all you have to do is enjoy! The Outer Banks Vacation Guide lets you know what we provide and suggested items to bring on your trip. We have … Read More

Understanding The Kill Devil Hills Surf Report

Kill Devil Hills Surf Report Live Swell Beach Bungalows.png

The Kill Devil Hills Surf Report Explained Surf reports and surf forecasting can be very tricky business. This post was designed to help OBX visitors better understand not only the Kill Devil Hills Surf Report but also surf forecasting in the OBX in general. If you’ve visited the OBX you know it can be a windy place. This is a … Read More

Vacation Home Ownership Options Breakdown Quick & Simple

Vacation Home Ownership Options

Summary of Vacation Home Ownership Options In this post we discuss the traditional and lesser know vacation home options Realize that full ownership may provide the highest risk-reward, but this option is not for everyone Get introduced to the “Vacation Equity Fund” an innovative why to “invest where you vacation” Side by side vacation home ownership options comparison Did you … Read More