Who Else Wants Uncrowded OBX Waves This Week?

Just so you know, the east coast has some of the best weather and waves this time of year, we are not biased we just know the best places to surf and best beach towns.  A fun sized swell event is lining up this week to litter the mid-atlantic and northeast shorelines.  Whether you surf or not, consider paying the surf towns on the east coast a visit.  It may not on your agenda or be easy, but it will be worth it.

The Outer Banks (OBX) and the Cape Hatteras “Wave Magnet” will offer up tons of empty peaks this Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you don’t score your fill of waves, your either a kook or its a safer bet that someone dumped some laxative in your coffee.  The Surfline forecast below shows the details.

Kill Devil Hills Surf Trip Forecast September

Kill Devil Hills in the OBX one of the worlds best surf tows will be doing its thing this week.

At Live Swell, we believe that surf towns make some of the best places to visit whether surfing is a priority or not.  Apart from consistent waves, the best surf towns offer unique places to stay, welcoming and insightful locals, great culture, eating and a mellow vibe.

The Chill Surf and Beach Bungalow OBX, is one of our preferred locations in one of the best surf towns, Kill Devil Hills.  If you are headed to the OBX this mid-week to ensure (best you can) scoring some epic east coast September Sessions – make sure to shoot us a note.

The Chill Surf & Beach Bungalow

The Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow fills fast, so book it now by clicking the red button below.  As a gift to you, here is a link to a $75 discount for your first stay even if you don’t get to take advantage of this swell:  $75 Off First Time Visitor – Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow.  Good news, looks like there are still some gem dates available after mid-October to late November.  Hope you don’t miss out.

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