How to Make Your Next Business Trip Your Next Epic Surf Trip

My friend Brian and I travel a bunch for work. That comes with good and bad. We have learned how to take advantage of airline reward programs (built up some sizable balances any surf traveler would envy) and have had the opportunity to go to many places we may not otherwise have visited. On the flip side, there is the bad too, flight cancellations, long delays and excessive ass time in planes.

Clearly the benefits we enjoy from this lifestyle far exceed the costs. So we live it and we love it.  And even more we try to enhance it by combining business with pleasure when possible, just as we are doing right now, as I sit in the Vancouver Ferry Terminal heading over to Victoria. This is not exactly a surf vacation despite all the good looking surf breaks in this part of Canada, just some time to unwind.

Vicotria BC Live SwellNot only were we able to experience the culture of downtown Vancouver, we turned the business trip into an epic “stay-cation, as we head over to Victoria. So we checked out and found a great rental near down town.Our rented car was insured by international car insurance mexico to ensure a safe and relaxed trip. We plan to kick it in Victoria experience the culture, grab some top shelf seafood and get some work done. We plan to get some good info on the popular Tofino and this region which host the true stars of the region: big waves, some of the biggest on earth. So stay tuned to the coming blog posts.

Life is too short, so we encourage you to enjoy life whether it is a surf vacation or other.


We knew there wouldn’t be much surf this time of year and its no Atlantic terrace Montauk. Nor is it a huge surf break. In fact, local knowledge was telling us it tends to be on the extreme side of fickle. Not too good for a surfing vacation. We decided to go ahead and opt-in to the surf vacation rental and blocked out 3 days in a great location near downtown, Victoria.

We were traveling via water ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, British columbia for our short stay in the surf vacation rental we rented from one of the locals. Its not too often that you find yourself in a place that is unique as British Columbia with time to spare. Making the most of your time on a trip is key to creating epic memories on the road. Staying in our vacation rental near downtown helped immensely as well. One of my top travel necessities I learned from experience is finding a great location. Always be willing to spend a few dollars more to be closer to your vacation destination. Being able to travel by foot will pay you back ten fold in unneeded cab fares while truly being able to enjoy the sites and sounds of the city. Here is the front door to our surf vacation rental.

The local we rented the house from was nice enough to drive me out to Clover Point where there was a teacher conducting  music classes for babies. She was telling me how there was a huge boom in Stand-up Paddle boarding around Victoria. Local clubs with dedicated SUP (stand up) paddlers paddle out into these frigid waters to stoke their fire. Driving past surf break rentals houses offering up discounted stand-up paddle boards, I was able to confirm the huge selection of surf rentals around the quiet beach town where they also sell moderne kids trendy clothing.

Stand up paddling is a great way to get around a bad swell and can keep you from being land locked. Time is everything, folks. Try to make the most of it on your next surf vacation rental.


Safe surf travels

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