Podcasts Featuring Live Swell Founders Mike and Maria

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Podcast Featuring Live Swell Founders How to Build a Short Term Rental Brand  Host:  Neil Henderson, Commercial Syndicator + Short Term Rental Owner Podcast: “The Road to Family Freedom”  https://www.roadtofamilyfreedom.com/how-to-build-a-short-term-rental-brand-with-michael-hamilton/ Practical Vacation Rental Investment with Michael Hamilton Host:  Heather Bayer, VR Owner, Manager + Industry Thought Leader  Podcast: “Vacation Rental Success”  VRS170 – Practical Vacation Rental Investment with Michael Hamilton   Practical … Read More

Vacation Rental Insurance For Owners & Airbnb Host Insurance: The Breakdown

Summary of Vacation Rental Insurance For Owners + Airbnb Host Insurance Know your coverages and exclusions, most policy’s have coverage lapses when it comes to vacation rental risks. At the end of this post you will have a better idea of what type of policy may be right for you The biggest killers of wealth are taxes and lawsuits The Good … Read More

Vacation Rental Asset Protection

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Summary:  Vacation Rental Asset Protection The Biggest Killers of Wealth:  Taxes + Lawsuits Vacation Rental Asset Protection: A Short Story How do I protect my vacation rental? 3 Steps Do you know the Biggest Wealth Killers? It is said that the biggest killers of wealth are taxes and lawsuits.  One of the consequences of NOT being properly protected with owning real estate … Read More

Hospitable (Aka SmartBnb) Message Automation Review

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Summary of Hospitable Message Automation – (formerly Smartbnb) Review Getting tired of messaging guests and responding to inquiries? In this post, we discuss Hospitable, the automation software we use to streamline nearly ALL our guest communications in our Proven Process Automation, with Hospitable or another reliable tool, allows an owner to free up time and NOT get STUCK working “in” … Read More

Michael Hamilton’s 5 Keys to Succeed as an Airbnb and Vacation Rental Owner

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Summary of Michael Hamilton’s 5 Keys to Succeed as an Airbnb and Vacation Rental Owner “Don’t Get Trapped by Dogma.”  – Steve Jobs Invest in Your Companies’ Greatest Asset: YOU.  Who cares more about your results and business than you? Control Your Emotional State. One of the hardest to achieve. Be Resourceful! (The truth is it is not YOUR resources … Read More

Why Boutique Vacation Rentals GET PAID Premium Rates!

Summary of Boutique Vacation Rentals GET PAID Premium Rates In this post, will start with the “Airbnb Gamble” every guest faces each new booking. A true story! Will discuss the why and the how Live Swell built its brand of boutique vacation rentals What is your “Unique Theme?” A key component of your boutique rental you will want to think … Read More

5 Proven Process Tips to Convert More Lookers to Bookers

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Summary of 5 SuperHost Ninja Tips to Convert Lookers to Bookers In this post will talk about closing the the deal. Booking Confirmed! Looking to increase views on Airbnb? Sorry to disappoint but there is no magic, puff or potion What is the Airbnb Search Algorithm and why it is important to understand? Examples of Good Airbnb Titles and the … Read More

Vacation Rental Expenses: Done Smart & Easy (Free Calculator)

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Summary of Vacation Rental Expenses Done Smart & Easy “What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker. Professionals prepare for expenses, know their numbers and leverage analysis tools to make quick, accurate projections Video “How to” demo of our Vacation Rental Expenses Spreadsheet Calculator (Download The Calc Free) The “OPEX Ratio” explained and why it is  important an owner with ambition … Read More

How to Get a Vacation House for Free: Owner Secrets

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Summary of How to Get a Vacation House for Free In this post, learn why your education is key to a vacation house for free We cover the important need to know numbers, don’t worry its just simple math What does a “vacation house for free” really mean? Tips and tricks to keep you safe in your vacation rental journey … Read More

How and why make your AirBnb pet friendly?

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Summary of How and Why make your Airbnb Pet Friendly? Renting “Pet Friendly” is certainly not for everyone but can offer a lot of upside if done right “Pet Friendly” has ranked as the 3rd most desired “amenity” for vacation home renters We discuss the Top 3 reason why we list pet friendly at Live Swell How to make your … Read More