The “E” Myth Applied to a Vacation Rental Business Model

E Myth Vacation Rental Dojo

  Summary of “E” Myth Principle Applied to Vacation Rental Business Model Understand the “Entrepreneurs Myth” – Why most small business don’t work and what to do about it Looking to gain more clarity on your vacation rental business model & approach? We’ll discuss this, specifically working “on” the business vs. working “in” the business. Two very different paths with … Read More

Live Swell’s Beach House Renovations Before and After

Magical Bungalow Beach House Renovations

Magical Bungalow OBX: Beach House Renovations Before and After Are you ready for a beach bungalow renovation? At Live Swell part of our proven process  is to find the ugly, the neglected and the beater homes most people shy away from.  This allows us to purchase beach properties at a deep discount.  The next step is to complete a bungalow … Read More

Airbnb Video Tour: Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow OBX

Chill Bungalow Front Hammock Live Swell Beach Bungalows

Airbnb Video Tour: Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow OBX Take a personal guided tour of Live Swell’s “original” beach bungalow, The Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow OBX. This tour will be beneficial for our upcoming guests, future guests, investors and people looking to learn more about Live Swell. The Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow has been an OBX fan favorite … Read More

See How Easily You Can Travel and Surf More Often & Differently

Capri By the Sea Pacific Beach Live Swell

Have you ever asked yourself how you can travel and surf more often? We do all the time.  We are passionate about traveling and surfing as much as possible and believe there are really not to many better reasons to travel then to travel and surf!  Just thinking about a surf trip produces feelings of excitement and stoke. When your traveling … Read More

Shared Economy Trends: Awareness Trending Surf’s Up

How many folks on average do you think are aware of the “shared economy?”  If you thought it was a lot, well, its not much…Only about 8% of consumers have used Airbnb and HomeAway and an even more astounding 66% of consumers have not yet heard of sharing-economy companies which include ride-share giant UBER. So according to the law of … Read More

Bright Future for Surf Travelers Embracing the Shared Economy

“The only thing that is constant is change.” ― Heraclitus Since the start of the Digital Revolution and Information Age our societies have been changing faster than ever before, we are all witness to this, long gone are the days of rotary phones and most millennials would have trouble operating 8tracks players.  Among a myriad of applications, our smart phones allow us … Read More

How to be a good vacation rental guest

Being a hotel guest is probably not a new experience for most modern travelers. It comes with a prescribed set of responsibilities that are familiar to just about everyone upon check in. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you probably slip into hotel-behavior-auto-pilot rather easily. But if you’re going the vacation rental route, you may be unaware of some of the … Read More

Beach Vacation Rentals: 6 Must-Haves

If you own a beach vacation rental property, you’re probably looking to rent your property to a particular kind of vacationer – families, couples, well-to-do travelers, mature adults, surfers, outdoor trekkers, the list could go on. Attracting travelers can be very easy during some seasons and more challenging in others. Getting top dollar for your beach vacation rental in and … Read More

Surf Break Vacation Rental Key Amenity: Surfboard Racks

It’s the little things that count, outdoor showers, bottle cap opener, puca shell….surfboard racks! Surfboard racks look great, save tons of space and are a real value add in a beach house or surf break vacation rental. Surf vacation rental owners that install simple racks add value to the surf break vacation rental experience. It’s simply an easy way to … Read More

Why We Created Live Swell

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About Us Live Swell helps you fuel your passion for surf travel by providing insights and resources to travel and surf smarter, more often and differently. Why we created Live Swell? Simple, we are passionate about traveling and surfing as much as possible. There are really not to many better reasons to travel then to travel and surf! Just thinking … Read More