Summary of Hospitable Message Automation – (formerly Smartbnb) Review

  • Getting tired of messaging guests and responding to inquiries? In this post, we discuss Hospitable, the automation software we use to streamline nearly ALL our guest communications in our Proven Process
  • Automation, with Hospitable or another reliable tool, allows an owner to free up time and NOT get STUCK working “in” the business. We believe in automation, it helps keep you sane!
  • Automation takes advantage of the “E” Myth principle by helping to create reliable reproducible communication systems. We’ll show you an example of what it looks like with out Automated messaging and with automated messaging

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Smartbnb is a critical tool we leverage and have utilized at Live Swell Beach Bungalows for 6+ years, on multiple properties in multiple markets.  In this smartbnb review we will be discussing our experience with the product, team and smartbnb improvements.  As a bonus we will also cover why the leverage principle is so important and how Smartbnb helps with leverage so that a person can grow an Airbnb business if they desire to.

Live Swell’s Smartbnb Review

As we started to grow, we realized responding to inquiries or sending check-in details was not the highest and best use of our time, these things could be solved with automation.  And so we tried most available softwares designed for short term rentals but were left disappointed and frustrated especially with the time invested to learn and determine a particular product would not work for us.  A real bummer!

This was NOT the case with Smartbnb.  Their idea started simple, automate redundant communications and it did just that in a simple easy to use platform.  See what our Live Swell Beach Bungalow guest comment in reviews:

Smartbnb Review Live Swell Beach Bungalows

“Smartbnb PLUS the right people with the right skills in customer service = The Best Airbnb Communication!”

Full disclosure: we still monitor guest communication and do respond with personal messages when applicable. However, we are so glad we have found Smartbnb as it has saved us so much TIME and kept us sane in the seemingly never ending jungle of inquiries and questions.

Smartbnb Review:  Then and Now

Back in 2016, we initially leveraged Smartbnb for assistance with guest communications for just the AirBnb platform. Today, Hospitiable is a whole lot more than just automating timely and redundant communications on Airbnb, it now works on VRBO, HomeAway and Booking.  When Smartbnb announced that their automated communication could be leveraged on the VRBO -HomeAway network we were so HAPPY!

So we were SOLD at simply the “automated communication” feature of Smartbnb.  That is it! That is all it took, for that feature alone Smartbnb is a bargain for the vacation rental or airbnb owner that believes in offloading a significant chunk of interruptive labor (i.e. responding and sending redundant communications) in exchange for cash.

Today Smartbnb comes with even more bonus tools to save you time and get more organized:

  • Analytics + Metrics
  • Sync Listing Copy
  • Operations Tools
  • and More
Smartbnb Review Vacation Rental Dojo

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Have you ever thought about growing a vacation rental or airbnb business?

If you are serious about building and scaling a short term rental business, this next point of the smartbnb review is especially important for you!

Smartbnb allows YOU to leverage.  When you leverage you get your TIME back…time to do other things like work on building your dream and not sending the next check-in details, for example.

Remember:  TIME is the ONLY non-renewable resource

The "E" Myth Applied to Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals

In my book, Vacation Rental Confidential, I explain the “E” Myth principle – the “E” mean “entrepreneurs” myth and why its so important.  The “E” myth triangle below illustrates the problem:

A person can’t do all things at all times.  For example, they can not be pulling a potato out of the toilet bowl, while texting a guest the internet password and also be looking for their next vacation rental property.

Smartbnb Review Example

Vacation Rental Business Model Communication system infographic with type 3d man

“Every business owner has a choice of how to manage.  Some are more effective than others.”

Smartbnb Review: Customer Service

Quick Review:  Five Star of Five Star

Customer service is declining in all industries, especially tech.  However, it was important to include in this Smartbnb review what our 3+ years of experience with the brand and people behind it has been like.

When we have a questions:  They are answered!

When we have suggestions:  They are valued!

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