Summary of Unique Surf Podcast

  • Meet Imi Barneaud, a surfer, mum, entrepreneur, vacation home host and host of the Oceanriders Podcast
  • Listen to Episode 56: Imi interviews Michael Hamilton, we talk many topics including the Live Swell Proven Process
  • Standout episode list from the Oceanriders podcast
  • Mike quotes from the podcast

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Have you desired the opportunity to fit more of your passion into your life & keep it balanced?

If your like Imi Barneaud and I, you probably do. Imi, host of The Oceanriders Podcast, is a surfer, a mum (thats “mom” for American English folks), and an entrepreneur.

As you may have guessed, one of Imi’s passions is surfing. Surfing changed her life and she loves it so much that she started a surf podcast! The Ocean Riders Podcast is a series of conversations with creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers and dreamers who also happen to be surfers.  On the show Imi and her guests, discuss their shared love of surfing and how it shapes career choices and business decisions.

See Mike on Episode #56 of the Podcast

What’s Imi’s goal via the Oceanriders surf podcast?

“What I really want to achieve with this podcast, is to show my listeners that it is possible to have a balanced life where surfing does fit into the equation.  Most of my guests aren’t professional surfers, they’re just people like you and me trying to make a difference and find a balance.  I love receiving guests who are changing paradigms, whether they are old or young.  In the same vein, I hope that my guests’ shared experience will help you to find your own path and help you find your dream job.” 

Imi Barneaud, The Oceanriders Podcast

Michael Hamilton: Oceanriders Podcast Episode #56

I’m humbled to get the opportunity to discuss my passion for both surfing and the vacation rental business with Imi, you can listen to the full episode and see the show highlights below:

Podcast Episode 56 Highlights:

  • 02:36 Get What You Want Out of Life
  • 08:33 Is Money the Problem?
  • 17:27 The Live Swell Proven Process
  • 25:00 The Secret Service
  • 31:34 Tips on Welcoming Guests and Doing Your Listings
  • 35:36 How to Use NLP to Get Bookings
  • 41:13 Protect Against Losses
  • 47:51 Choose Balance Living

Want to learn more about the Vacation Rental Business with a Happy Balanced Life?

Standouts from The Oceanriders Podcast

There are so many interesting individuals to listen and learn from on this unique surf podcast, we have the top 10 standouts listed below. The lineup of guests ranges from surf brand founders, CEO’s, authors, free surfers, designers and so many more surfers just like us.

Mike’s Quotes from The Oceanrider Podcast Episode #56

  • 08:54 “A lot of times, it’s not necessarily money that is somebody’s issue- it’s somebody’s education around money.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 10:00 “When we’re purchasing the property, we’re buying it with value in it.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 14:12 “Debt is like fire and water. Fire is great to heat your house and cook food, but it could also be a disaster scenario, as in California. Water is the same thing. It’s important for life, but it can also take people’s lives. So debt, if it’s used wisely is an accelerator of wealth.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 17:36 “We want to develop a process for our business because it’s easier to have a model to do something if you want to replicate it rather than try to reinvent the wheel every single time.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 19:21 “At the end of the day, the money supports the mission. So any business needs to be able to make money to survive and continue.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 21:30 “It’s a lot more fun to work on a business than working in a business.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 23:12 “Money can be raised but time is the great equalizer.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 32:07 “Make your listing accurate and don’t make the expectations too much outside of what the actual impression is going to be.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 32:26“Accuracy is kindness.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 33:06 “The customers that have complaints are typically the ones that are giving you the stuff that people wouldn’t tell you.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 34:01 “Your listing is like a newspaper or a billboard. The first thing is, it has to be as catchy… in the thumbnail image and also your title.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 37:34 “Match the right guest with the right property.” -Michael Hamilton
  • 48:12 “Making the choice to not have to go to a 9–5 provided a lot of freedom. Choosing a path like this is, there’s more freedom, but there’s also more responsibility.” -Michael Hamilton

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