Surf Vacation Del Mar California?

Kind of tweaked from a long cold flight from Toronto to San Diego early Monday morning, I find myself moving into my latest shag pad in Crown Point, a low-key area right next to Mission Bay in the Pacific Beach San Diego this week…Sunday night happened to be full of a few to many Havana and coke’s and turned out … Read More

South Mission Beach Surf Vacation Rental – Studio Review

Average temp 70 degrees year round, a wide selection of surf vacation rental sizes, types and locations, epic surf breaks, Mexican food and a laid back lifestyle is Mission Beach in San Diego California…..which is clearly not for all personality types. I even caught a good looking rainbow on my beach cruiser up the boardwalk. The surf vacation rental in … Read More

Surf Vacation Rentals: Live Swell – The Local Experience

Want to elevate your surf vacation experience? Typically most people don’t know their options or its to difficult to find the ideal place to stay which usually leads to another boring, non-spacious hotel filled with rolly polely mid-westerners…thats pretty weak and a big ding on your surf vacation. Surf vacation planning can consume some time, however, with the right tools … Read More

Inspiration From a Blind Surfer on a Surfing Vacation

Not too long ago I was on a surfing vacation in northern baja mexico. When I arrived around 9:30 pm a few guests had the fire blazing overlooking the k-38 surf break. After unloading the gear Brian and I decided to hang out for a few, so we pulled up a chair to the fire, were welcomed by Ricky, the … Read More

Playa Grande Surf Break – Costa Rica Surf Vacation Finale

Our last day and a half in Costa Rica was disappointing, not because of the surf break, but due to the absence of a local legend Uncle Billy, former owner of the Rancho Privado…a surf motel situated inside a protected national park where giant sea turtles come to lay egg’s in the winter season. Billy, was not concerned so much … Read More

How To Take the Headache Out of Packing For a Beach Trip

Beach lovers, surfers and waterman are notoriously forgetful. Not sure if it is the beach culture itself, just a common bond or something else. Anyway, forgetful or not, one of the worst things on a beach trip or surf vacation is missing critical gear that you forgot to pack. Like, whoops! “Forgot my surf trunks, crap! What do I do now?”  Hopefully, … Read More

Surf Vacation Rental vs Hotel = No Brainer

Coastal Cottage Zushi Beach Surf Trip 2015-imp

Hotels can be cool, however, they definitely leave much to be desired, especially on a surfing vacation. Here’s why: Value: Usually, much less cost per night (this is very impact full when a few friends or family members plan to divide the rental cost). This can result in 50% discount from hotels, leaving you more time on your surf vacation … Read More