One Day Baja Surf Vacation

The ability to flee the country quickly, if necessary, is not the only reason to live in Southern California…its proximity to the US-MEX border positions it perfectly for the one day baja surf vacation. Why? Baja California is characterized by it’s raw freedom, variety of waves, gastronomy, good people and lawlessness. Well, not quite “lawlessness” contrary to what most people … Read More

A Surf Vacation is Fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry and Narrow-Mindedness

  With the recent news of the LA Clippers owner coming out regarding his comments in private that were recored by his girlfriend, we though this would be appropriate. Clearly, Don Sterling, as wealthy as he may be according to his income statement, is poorin terms of life wealth. If people, like Don Sterling, traveled more like surf tourist and … Read More

Surf Break Vacation Rental Key Amenity: Surfboard Racks

It’s the little things that count, outdoor showers, bottle cap opener, puca shell….surfboard racks! Surfboard racks look great, save tons of space and are a real value add in a beach house or surf break vacation rental. Surf vacation rental owners that install simple racks add value to the surf break vacation rental experience. It’s simply an easy way to … Read More

The Best Surf Vacations Never Really End – Live Swell

“And if travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.” Pico lyer  

Avoid The Board Break Buzz Kill: Stay In The Water On Your Surf Vacation

  Thursday morning Mission Beach California, mid-size swells, clean conditions….Took a few slides the night before and got in real early the following morning. Sometimes you wish you did not take the dawn patrol, kind of like this one: The unexpected shortening of the morning session or worse the possible premature ending of a surf vacation. Cruising down a clean … Read More

Give Back, Make an Impact and Live Swell Combo Surf Vacation

My good friends and fellow adventurers, Cedric Hodgeman and Raul Roman, and I are very like minded. Cedric and Raul, started an organization that make international volunteering affordable and safe several years back, they envisioned an elevated volunteer experience just like we strive to elevate the surf vacation experience. Like all entrepreneurs they have had their challenges growing the … Read More

Massive Waves Pummel Toursits on a Surfing Vacation

Be careful and know your limitations, the ocean can get angry, very angry. Check out these characters on a vacation, not sure it was a surfing vacation, nevertheless…a lesson can be learned here: Prepare yourself, know your limitations and you can’t fight the waves but you can learn to surf. I bumped into this video on youtube of a few … Read More

Surfing Vacation = Fitness Vacation. Tighten up your game on a surf trip!

Winter pounds and spare tire setting in? Your not alone, many people plump up a bit in the winter season for good reason: stay warm right? Probably not. So how can you avoid the spring trim and be in beach body shape? Well, there are lots of good methods, stay committed to a gym, do insanity workouts, have an accountability … Read More