Summary of AirBnb House Fire Caused By Guest: Informative Real Life Case Study

  • Noah Harris of Revive Homes catches up with Mike & Maria about their AirBnb guest caused fire at the  Bohemian Bungalow in this informative video case study (Press Play)
  • What’s the real story behind “AirCover”? Does it actually cover or guarantee anything?
  • Check out the Bohemian Bungalow AirBnb House Fire Timeline of Events Infographic for more details
  • Does AirBnb Cover Fire Damage? “It Depends”… nearly a year since the fire NO PAYMENTS have been made by AirBnb (Income losses are approaching the $200,000 range!)

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So really? What happens when an AirBnb Guest set a house on fire?

Good friend, rental investor & owner of Revive Homes in Columbia SC, Noah Harris, got the chance dig deep in the the Airbnb House Fire OBX that impacted the newly renovated Bohemian Bungalow OBX back in June of 2021. Noah had some great questions!!

In this informative case study we get an anniversary update learn if Airbnb really does cover fire damage! Does Airbnb actually cover or “guarantee” anything?

“Sorry, I have to inform you, your house is on fire….” was the message received around 7pm in the 2021 AirBnb House Fire OBX.

I’m sure you are curious about this story, it does not happen every day! How will it end up?

As a host and owner that had the bad fortune of accepting an AirBnB reservation from a grown couple, who, with all due respect were old enough to know better than to leave a grill unattended for a good while I can only tell you about my experience….

But it is just my experience in dealing with AirBnb guest caused house fires, I’m sure there are other perspectives and scenarios.

Nevertheless, though this painful experience we have had the opportunity to learn more about the AirBnb Host Guarantee and AirCover Program.

Does AirBnb Cover Fire Damage?

Its a good question but the answer DEPENDS! AirBnb’s $1Million Dollar Host Guarantee (AirCover) is only available if the guest is ultimately found liable for damage, whether that is fire damage or the guest breaks a lamp.

In the scenario of the AirBnb House Fire OBX, AirBnb did fund an expensive third party fire investigation (I was denied access to the full report). The investigator was not able to eliminate the guest as a cause of the fire.

Bohemian Bungalow AirBnb House Fire Timeline of Events Infographic

AirBnb House Fire One Year Time Line. (Notice No Payout!). Click to Enlarge.

Does AirCover’s Advertising Seem Accurate?

You Decide! Check theses out.

Does Airbnb Cover Fire Damage
Feel Confident??? Even When Your Burned By AirBnb.

“Try hosting on Airbnb: Join Us. We’ll help you every step of the way.”

This gentleman has not been lit up by AirBnb’s broken promises yet!!

AirCover by AirBnb, better known as the AirHoax Program.

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