I am sure, you like me, wonder how to better your surfing. Well there are lots of ways from getting a coach, studying pro’s, more water time and upgrading equipment.

One super quick way to get the most out of your next surf vacation and tear up your favorite surf break is to upgrade your fin set.

The Fin that Elevated my Surfing

The Fin that Elevated my Surfing

I was like many people several years ago just riding in style with my standard plastic fins. I took a surf vacation (well it was actually an “internship” when I was in graduate school) and met up with some top talent in Peru. I borrowed a performance long board from my friend Karin and he had set of FCS UL 7’s. It took a few slide to get familiar with the “tightness” however, once I understood the feel my surfing ability was enhanced. And over time, the results have accelerated.

I am not a “fin” expert, but, what I learned is that higher quality fins usually are stronger (don’t break like plastic fins) and hold a tighter line in the wave. So this enables the surfer to go faster and make quicker movements. It may change your life too.

I have since went on to explore other pairs on several board types. Speak to someone who knows your style and your body type to see what may work for you.

An additional benefit is that these fins are great on surf vacations because the have less tendency to break – which could be a real buzz kill on a trip. Another buzz kill on a trip is no waves. Here is another tip to elevate your surf experience. You can have the perfect surf spot, the perfect time of year, all the right gear, even the top fins, but no waves. So if there are no waves to use my fancy new fins that is a definite buzz kill.