Financing Your Next Surf Trip

Traveling is expensive, plain and simple. Between the transportation costs, whether it be gas, tickets, or airline fees, the expenses can really add up and become a burden on any traveler’s wallet. While there are many expenses that are nearly impossible to avoid, there are more ways now than ever to finance a surf trip through different means. The tricky part often times can be finding the best way to utilize your time and your resources to make the a decent surf trip economically possible.

I found not long ago that I could use a simple hosting site, AirBnB. If you need a cash for traveling,I offer this site to help me finance a trip south of the border and put money towards my personal traveling expenses. I am fortunate enough to live in San Diego where we have proximity to not only some of the best surf spots in Southern California but also are situated a mere twenty-five miles away from the international border. The Baja Peninsula is a magical place for a variety of reasons. There is a variety of incentives to cross the border for both surfers and non-surfers alike. Aside from the countless, empty pointbreaks all of the way down the coast, you are bound to run into some amazing local culture, extraordinarily fresh and affordable seafood and enviable weather.

My last surf trip came from a desire to jump across the border for a few days even if money was a little tight but then I came to the realization that I could leverage my own apartment for a few days and try to finance the trip through hosting a guest while I was out of town. Fortunately for myself, I was living downtown in the Gaslamp District at the time, which is a desirable stop for any visiting tourist passing through San Diego. I decided to check out some of the rates of hotels nearby and realized that every one of them was going to be sold out the weekend that I had planned to go down to Mexico. My eyes lit up and realized that my apartment would quickly become a hot commodity.

Fortunately for myself, the wildly extravagant Comicon was bringing people down to San Diego in hordes and there was a short supply of accommodations. I quickly made a listing on AirBnB while simultaneously planning my route through the border and down the Baja Peninsula. The requests could not have filed in more quickly as I secured an agreement with a kind Canadian visitor who would be working over the weekend at Comicon. The exchange of keys and information could not have been simpler and my trip to Mexico could not have been better timed. While I spent the weekend across the border surfing perfect points and eating lobster, my guest was able to get the most out his stay in San Diego and left my apartment immaculately clean even with a kind note. While traveling is almost always expensive, there are always a variety of resources that can be utilized to encourage a surf trip in the not so distant future.

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  1. Great read! I wish AirBnB was a thing when I was younger. My wife and I recently got back from a 3 week tripsurfing Samoa earlier this month. We stayed in the northeast coast of Upolu. Not too great of swells last Spring, but people living in the village were very hospitable and we felt safe the entire trip.

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