Small Sacrifices Are Worth It


Planning a proper surf trip is hard enough but what happens when you have to make plans and include the grommets as well? Certain sacrifices may have to be made involving the spots you want to surf but surfing two-foot mushburgers can be just as fun as six-foot wedges when you can share the same excitement that the kids possess.


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Kids Surfing Often Have A Whole Different Level Of Stoke Than Us Grown Ups


Surfing is fun and wildly exciting yet for those fortunate enough to surf on a regular basis, we sometimes become oblivious to the simple joys that can derive from simply gliding across water. There is clearly a misunderstanding to those comparing an overhead reef pass to the rolling swells at Waikiki but surfing is a sport that has deep roots in community and sharing the stoke. When we teach and practice the sport with our next generation, we pass along the torch to something that so many of us hold near and dear to our hearts.


Kids Surfing

Surfing: Not Just A Sport


Surfing has come a long way since Spicoli and Johnny Utah were our sport’s only representatives. It truly is a tenacious activity, requiring the rigor and endurance that only the ocean can demand. Aside from promoting a healthy and physical lifestyle, surfing teaches us early on the important of nature and the camaraderie as individuals who often times participate together in a wild and unpredictable environment. Surfing doesn’t have a lot of rules outside of common etiquette and common courtesy. We as surfers range from aspiring competitive rippers to single fin soul surfers and therein lies the beauty of our sport. Kids aren’t forced to make a decision on how they want to surf because there are a million different ways to ride a wave and experience the same magical feeling of walking on water.




The Importance Of Passing Our Traditions Onto The Next Generation


Virtually every single surf town has a nearby break where you can ease youngsters into the water with comfort, thrill and enjoyment. While you may be eager to jump in and grab a few waves on your own, considering going down to the rollers and whitewash and pushing your grom into a few first. You may be surprised when you rediscover why you fell in love with surfing in the first place.