Is the Outer Banks Open to visitors due to Covid-19?

We still wake up most mornings and it feels surreal that just a month ago the anticipation of the Outer Banks vacation rental season was beginning to buzz in the air, the weather was beginning to warm up, it looked like John's Drive In was about to open and this past weekend would have marked the opening of most of the piers. Nothing beats a fresh fish sandwich and a cold beer while watching the waves roll in from the Nags Head Pier. It felt like in March, almost over night, the world changed. Social interactions have changed, businesses are struggling, and sadly its hurting many families and folks across the world. It's hard to always know, what you can do to help others and its amazing to see what people are doing to help. For now, we are writing this post to help our guests and others stay informed on what is happening in the Outer Banks, but mostly, the Outer Banks misses you! So use this post to stay connected to your beach bungalow, the Outer Banks and your future vacation.


Is the Outer Banks Open to visitors due to Covid-19?

Hooray! Visitors will be allowed entry into the Outer Banks on May 16th, 2020!

Please click here to view the latest info regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Outer Banks

Are you accepting reservations?

Yes, with the Outer Banks opening to visitors on  May 16, based on availability in our bungalows, we can accept reservations for guests beginning on May 16th!

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How do I book my Outer Banks vacation?

Currently, we accept reservations directly, and through Airbnb and VRBO/Homeaway. 

Sway in a hammock, relax to the hypnotic sounds of ocean waves and experience coastal living as you drift away into a mellow mood at the Live Swell Beach Bungalows. 

At each of our handcrafted beach bungalows you will feel what its like to live the laid-back surf lifestyle, enjoy our unique amenities and spend quality time with friends and family.

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Where can I find the Live Swell guest resources?

A central location created for our guests and future guests so they can plan their Outer Banks vacation.

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Stay Connected

The Outer Banks is waiting for you!

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We hope this helps you stay connected to the Outer Banks during this Covid-19 crisis.

Stay Healthy

Be Well 

and Live Swell!

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