Learning to Surf? How to Find the Best Surf Break For Your Surf Vacation…

Warning please do not read further if you are not open to a potentially large life change…

Surfing is an incredible sport, it can elicit feelings that are difficult to describe in words. What we do know is that it is great for the mind, body and soul..So by engaging in the sport you are making the world a better place. How does that make you feel?

Once you have made the decision to go forward the next question becomes where do I learn to surf? What is the best surf break? surf vacation? and are there good looking surf break rentals nearby?

Nipper at Noosa Heads Live Swell Surf Trip

Here are a couple of my favorites… we will continue to add to this list

1. San Diego, California

The best areas for learning and ideal for the less experienced can be found at the beach surf breaks of Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla Shores. There are heaps of shops with gear for rent too. Not only does the average temperature hoover in the mid 70’s year round the sun is out just about 300 days per year. The California culture is rad and unforgettable. Don’t forget to get a fill of authentic Mexican food and take the 30 minute ride south across the border if your family is more adventurous.

2. Gold Coast, Austrailia

The Gold Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with some world famous surf breaks and epic beach houses. The Gold Coast is Australia’s favorite place for surfing vacations and probably the best to learn at. From Surfers Paradise to the north and to the south you can learn to surf in warm waters, ideal waves and have availability of plenty of gear.

3. Oahu, Hawaii

Learning to surf in the birthplace of surfing is clearly special. For those seeking this experience, Hawaii offers warm water, great beginner waves, amazing culture and easy access to many options of friendly outfits to help you catch some good ones. In the Winter professional competitions can be observed along with some very high surf at some of the most well known surf breaks.

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