Live Swell’s Beach House Renovations Before and After

Magical Bungalow Beach House Renovations

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Magical Bungalow OBX: Beach House Renovations Before and After

Magical Bungalow 1 Beach House Renovations Before and After

Are you ready for a beach bungalow renovation? At Live Swell part of our proven process  is to find the ugly, the neglected and the beater homes most people shy away from.  This allows us to purchase beach properties at a deep discount.  The next step is to complete a bungalow renovation, for some people this idea can be a nightmare for others it can be a blast, very rewarding and result in a lot of income.  Enjoy the beach house renovations before and after of a few of our top ranked and top performing vacation rental properties!  

Magical Bungalow Kitchen: Kitchens and baths SELL homes, they also SELL AirBnb or Vacation Rental weeks and increase nightly rates.  This completely renovated kitchen features a quartz countertop, stainless steel appliances, subway tile backsplash and goose neck faucet.  The kitchen layout was originally a peninsula, you will notice in the after photos that was removed to create a more open feel, the original 8′ ceiling was also vaulted to create more space.  Our guests love the butchers block floating island which was a DYI project built with reclaimed pallets, hard to see in these images, but easier in our AirBnb Video Tour,   You will also notice a similar kitchen table and chairs or has it been restored?  We refurbished and re-used the kitchen table and chairs to match the new color pattern and added marine grade “cabana stripe” fabric to the seat cushions.

French doors allow us to create desirable indoor-outdoor spaces for our guests.  Imagine the feel of a cool ocean breeze flowing though the bungalow on the right day at the right times.  Amenities like hammocks are a real hit and one of the top pieces of the Live Swell Experience Package that our guest mention in public reviews, it helps that there is a peek-a-boo ocean view from it!  Another amenity featured here is the Haiku BigAss (brand) ceiling fan.  This is a higher end amenity that guest rarely get to experience and it increases the perceived value of the rental.   

Notice the window and wall AC units in the before photos? This home did not have a central AC system, in fact most bungalow renovations we do typically don’t have one initially.

Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow OBX: Beach House Renovations Before and AfterChill Surf Bungalow 1 Beach House Renovations Before and After

You never forget your first!  Well this was hardly our first renovation, however it was our first bungalow renovation.

Chill Surf Bungalow 2 Beach House Renovations Before and After
Chill Surf Bungalow 3 Beach House Renovations Before and After

Chill Surf Bungalow 4 Beach House Renovations Before and After

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