Surf Guide to New Zealand

New Zealand Surfing cheese

With an abundance of uncrowded and high-powered surf, New Zealand is an obvious destination for the adventure-seeking surfer. To be blunt, however, these two wildly beautiful and rugged islands pose an exceptional challenge that is not for the meager nor the faint of heart. With the South Island enduring brutally cold winter months and the North Island’s warmer yet less consistent coast, it may be easy to overlook this absolute gem of a surf destination.

New Zealand and Endless Walls

While there may be handful of long, dreamy left-hander pointbreaks cluttered with every surfer that has recently landed in Auckland, don’t be mislead in believing that these crowds venture far into the lesser known breaks. The two islands are absolutely riddled with nooks and crannies that are exposed to swell and winds of varying origins at any given time of the year.

Surfing New Zealand Rainbow


North or South?

Now let’s start with one obvious point: unless you feel like surfing with the rest of the Kiwi surfing community there may be a few spots that you will want to avoid. Raglan, one of the world’s most premier left handed pointbreaks, as enticing as it may be, will likely also be the most populated break on either island. Venturing to the South Island you are going to be challenged by wind and cold weather but there are definitely no shortages of swell courtesy to the roaring 40’s. For those looking to evade the crowds, there are myriad waves scattered along the coastline in every other nook and cranny. Though, with the exceptional power and tenacity of this coastline, along with some notoriously shared line-ups with larger sea animals, you may find yourself more often than not looking for a surfing partner.


Surfing New Zealand Horses


Sit Back And Enjoy The View

The size offers travelers a variety of different breaks and coastline all within a very reachable trip. Landing in Auckland, renting a car and exploring the coastline is the best opportunity to have the trip of a lifetime in a true manifestation of “God’s Country”. It is rare to find a land as untouched and naturally beautiful on this planet and New Zealand is a true representation of worldly brilliance.


New Zealand Surfing Dusk Session

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