Quiz: What’s your Travel Personality?

Let Your Travel Personality Plan Your Next Vacation

Do you get a little excited when you know you are about to take a trip? It’s fun to think of the new places to see and new people to meet. So in a way planning for a trip is a part of the travel experience. It is the place where you create the blueprint and foundation for what will be an unforgettable trip. At Live Swell, we love to surf and travel, but even knowing that, we know not all surf trips are created equal. Even a surf trip can look different depending on who is traveling.

A lot of times we plan our trips based around a destination and, of course, the destination is a critical part of the trip planning process! But why not take a different perspective and plan your next epic trip based on what your travel personality says about you? After all, who knows what you like best but you?

The Travel Personality Quiz

So take this short 7 question quiz and find out where your travel personality says you should go…

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