Hospitable (Aka SmartBnb) Message Automation Review

Smartbnb Review Vacation Rental Dojo

Summary of Hospitable Message Automation – (formerly Smartbnb) Review Getting tired of messaging guests and responding to inquiries? In this post, we discuss Hospitable, the automation software we use to streamline nearly ALL our guest communications in our Proven Process Automation, with Hospitable or another reliable tool, allows an owner to free up time and NOT get STUCK working “in” … Read More

See How Easily You Can Travel and Surf More Often & Differently

Capri By the Sea Pacific Beach Live Swell

Have you ever asked yourself how you can travel and surf more often? We do all the time.  We are passionate about traveling and surfing as much as possible and believe there are really not to many better reasons to travel then to travel and surf!  Just thinking about a surf trip produces feelings of excitement and stoke. When your traveling … Read More

Savvy Surf Travelers Prefer Unique Places To Stay (and Why You Should To)

Funky Cottage Live Swell Surf Trip Raglan NZ

How people travel and stay today is changing dramatically, have you noticed?  If not, its totally cool, but you may be missing out. “The only thing that is constant is change.” ― Heraclitus For example, companies like Airbnb and SurfBreakRentals, both online platforms that allows users to list, rent and find lodging are growing in popularity everyday. “Rent unique places to stay from local … Read More

The 2 Biggest Expenses on Surf Trips & What to do About It

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

As surfers we are bound by the common burning desire to find great waves so we travel to epic surf destinations on surf trips.  Most of us live in parts of the world that simply don’t get great surf all the time, unless you live in Bali or Hawaii, two of the best places to surf in the world.  Lucky … Read More