If You Don’t Know Your Time Is Precious, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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Some things are more precious because the don't last long - Oscar Wilde

Some things are more precious because the don’t last long – Oscar Wilde

Another interpretation of the message is, “value is in scarcity”  – the less there is of something for more valuable it it.  

Its like the beautiful days of fall on the East Coast in September as it moves though late October making it real that the Summer is over and a new year is ahead.

Its like the last few days of an epic getaway at a rad surf town and the  realization sets in that its almost over.

If you surf, it’s like the clean, peaky, still semi-warm, wind swells coming in this morning at your favorite surf break….here now and unbelievably precious but gone a few short hours later…

So what is scarce today? TIME.

We often ask people, “What’s the one resource we are all limited by?” It really interesting the answers you hear; “Money, contacts, talent, skill, upbringing, mindset…” Well, the fact is the one resource we are all limited by is time and not anything else.

The best surfers, the most traveled people, entrepreneurs all have the same number of hours in a week and days in a month.  Do you know how many hours make up a week?Why do some people experience more, get wealthier and live fuller lives than others? It’s all a question of time and where it’s being spent (it’s just like money, another scarce resource, but you are not limited by money).

Here is a hint:  You have the same number of hours in a week as Mother Teresa, Michaelangleo, Anthony Bourdain, Motzart and Rob Machado.

"Time waits for nobody" - Go after your dreams.

“Time waits for nobody” – Go after your dreams.

We all have decisions to make around how we spend our time, if you want to live a more fulfilled, enriched, sun-burned, wave filled life its up to you to make it happen.

By the way, there are 168 hours in one week.  Congratulations, if you knew that, if you did not you are now on the right track.

Time is everything: Live, Explore & Surf.

Most importantly, Live Without Regret and Stay Inspired.  

Live Swell



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