I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months trudging knee deep in the depths of a variety of surf forums. The following piece is addressed to help narrow down some of the most reoccurring questions and concerns that traveling surfers face on a regular basis. However, if you don’t feel like going through this article please feel free to scour a few of my favorite forums…there is plenty of very useful information that should not be neglected. Surfermag Forums Surfing-Waves Forum Magicseaweed Forum

Flying is a Huge Concern

Picking the right airline, avoiding major expenses while checking a coffin full of boards or general tips while booking airfare, flights can be a stressful ordeal. If you haven’t had a look yet in some of our older posts, here is a brief rundown on how to optimize your space while packing your surfboard bag . As most surfers who have traveled with boards know, things get broken, fees are charged and the occasional bag is lost so we want to take all of the necessary precautions as to maximize our chances of getting to our destination and home with everything in tact. While choosing flights, I have scoured the internet for some of the most helpful links. Here is a combination of a few of my favorite resources while I’m booking airfare: Sky Scanner – best deal airfare Surfline – “Know Before You Go” could not be any more helpful 2016 Surfer’s Airline Baggage Fees Guide Surf Trip FAQs

We’ve Arrived, Now What?

How can I affordably/easily choose accommodations somewhere new? We are so incredibly lucky in this general to have resources on the internet. Most developed countries with internet access are now accessable to us no matter how foreign. If you need a place to stay check out the following : VRBO AirBnB CouchSurfing Lonely Planet surf trip faqs There are literally hundreds of other sites that offer help to travelers in addition to plenty of hostels and hotels in practically every corner of the globe. For surfing oriented accommodations check out : Barefoot Surf Travel Waterways Travel If you’re not flying, pack some camping gear and your going to be in for a treat. There are fewer things better than a weekend escape to go surf some new breaks just outside of town, barbeque with some beers and sleep under the stars.

Getting Around Once You Arrive

In my experience, particularly if you are going to be traveling in a foreign country, some people will attempt to take advantage of visitors. Blending in is your best chance to avoid getting ripped off and your even more in luck if you can speak the local language. Some small tips when first arriving : Don’t spend too much time around the busy transit centers. Most thefts and shakedowns are going to happen at airports, train stations and taxi queues. Get in and get moving without announcing to the entire world that you have arrived, delirious from travel and oblivious to everything around you. Grab a taxi if you don’t have a ride and ask if you can set a predetermined fare to avoid taking the scenic route and paying three times the normal rate to get to your lodging. Find a rental 64 chevy impala set of wheels. Whether it be a car, bike or an ATV, it doesn’t matter. Having the freedom and flexibility to go where you want, when you want, will pay for itself ten-fold. surf trip faqs Get a map, a real map, not Google Maps. When you phone dies and you no longer have access to your GPS, you are going to need some knowledge of the area. Make a few references on said map for the most important landmarks including food, medical and transport landmarks.

How can I find a hard to reach specific spot/wave?

It is always wise to have some local knowledge when traveling to surf. Chances are that there are a million of other less crowded and better waves than the main break but you aren’t likely to find any of them (intentionally) without some guidance. secret spot If you are completely out of luck while seeking out a surf guide or other online resources for popular surf areas you can usually find informative books that cover the region: For example, here is an excellent surf spot booklet covering much of the Golden State’s lengthy coast Sadly I wish that I could help more with this point. You either need to have a willing local friend who is willing to show you around or hire a surf guide which in some cases would definitely be worth it. Side note : Don’t ever rock up to any spot with more than one friend. NOBODY appreciates their local spot getting blown up by a bunch of traveling kooks. Side note II : localism does exist. Always be respectful and practice proper etiquette while in the water. Also click her : If you want only direct loans

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