Want a Unique Experience in the Outer Banks? Run with the Wild Horses

When you take a trip to a surf town it is common to catch a ride on a horseback – whether you really love horses, are seeking a unique experience or just hop on for a goof.  Yet, its not so common that you see wild horses, unless you head to the Outer Banks aka OBX by the locals.

The wild horses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina are proven descendants of the Spanish Mustangs that were brought to the new world in the 1500’s.  So there is no doubt they have established themselves as area locals and their popularity inspires folks to come to visit them each year hoping to spot them in action – eating dune grass.

These bad boys run wild in an 11-mile stretch, just north of Corolla, on the Currituck Banks, between the Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.  They used to run wild in Corolla, however, the area development has pushed them just north in the last of the lesser developed and un-developed area of the banks.

This is an off road mission, so prepare your self with a 4×4 off road vehicle.  As you head north though the surf towns of Duck and Corolla on Highway 12, it will end and you will see the road turns to beach.  Its always good practice to air down your tires so that your off road mobile “floats” though the sand as opposed to “driving though.”  If you don’t you simply run the risk of getting stuck and hanging with the Mustangs a bit longer until someone drags you out.

Many reports we have read before going were not all that positive, not about the wild horses or the experience, some unlucky folks just did not get a wild mustang encounter.  So its kind of like “whale watching” – you may get skunked.

What we have found is that these mustangs love the beach, like us.  We choose a beautiful sunny late fall day in November.  After we aired-down our tires, we did not drive much more than a mile on the sand before encountering 3 wild mustangs chilling on the beach.  After taking some photos and saying “hi,” we continued further north another couple miles and spotted one in the dunes, as we approached him we ran into server companions that quickly turned into a fleet of 5 mustangs.

Encountering the wild mustangs in the OBX is a unique experience in one of the best collections of surf town destination of the United States.  What are you waiting for?

If you are ready, the Chill Beach and Surf Bungalow OBX  may be a great option to experience the best surf town of the Outer Banks.  It does get filled up fast, so don’t miss out if your keen for a chill beach bungalow experience and epic memories.

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