Mike’s Surf Lessons

How to Set Up and How to Wax a Surfboard Step #1 Before we can get into the water its important to cover some basics like setting up a surfboard which includes connecting a leash and how to wax a surfboard.  We cover those in this video; Surfing Etiquette + Surfing Rules Its important to be mindful of general surfing … Read More

Yoga and Surfing: Learn to paddle stronger

Yoga and Surfing I’ve mentioned before that my paddle strength is pretty horrible. Never was this more evident than when trying to paddle out on a recent trip to Southern California. I’m good at spotting the channel, but the impact zone on a California wave is long and fast, not like the Florida conditions I’m used to, so my options … Read More

You’re missing out if you’re not Surfing Tamarindo Costa Rica

Costa Rica Carolin family Surfing Tamarindo costa rico

My Second Surf Trip After my first experience with surfing, I couldn’t stop thinking about when I would once again get the opportunity to feel that spiritual high that had transformed my life. I was ready for my next trip which would be surfing Tamarindo Costa Rico. Why Tamarindo? As a mother of four, I quickly got back to my … Read More

Best Surf Towns: Outer Banks Surfing and much more!

A Surf Trip to the Outer Banks Outer Banks Surfing and More! When I know I am about to plan my next surf trip to any one of the many surf destinations to choose from, I can’t help it but look through all of the different travel sites and tips on the best places to go. I often find there … Read More