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Desire more freedom to live life on your terms with the ability to afford it and not go broke?   If you had the flexibility to control more of your time, could you travel and surf more?

Thinking outside the cubicle has helped many eager travelers, caged up in office buildings or frustrated, enhance their perspective and visit rad surf destinations more often.

If you are into traveling & surfing more without your income streams turning off, keep reading. What follows may be impactful and help you have more time freedom like a beach bum with money to do it.

Mission Beach, San Diego, California. One of California's best beach towns.
Mission Beach, San Diego, California. One of California’s best beach towns, with a variety of “Beach Bums.”

A good friend, Ry Guy, once told me there are two types of beach bums, those that can afford the lifestyle and those who can’t, here’s the breakdown:

1) Idle Beach Bums:  These are folks that are typically inactive, not working and usually found hanging around the beach, broke.  And this is totally cool, being a traditional beach bum beats a lot of alternatives, it offers lots of time freedom but not money  (a big problem for the curious traveler).

2) Savvy Beach Bums: They think a bit differently, take advantage of opportunities and can afford to habitually spend time at the beach, whenever, wherever and however they choose.  They have BOTH time and money.

How you can earn extra cash for a Surf Trip

Rent Out Un-used Space in your Primary Residence or Second Home:

Times are changing and we are all witness to it. How people connect online and travel has changed dramatically, surf travelers are catching on and taking advantage. In recent travel experiences we recognized the growing social acceptance of vacation rentals and more importantly “shared space” or Airbnb type accommodations.  It was clear very quickly that more space, amenities, affordability and a local connection added major value to the travel experience.

The opportunity to participate as a host, yourself, and earn extra cash while you travel, just makes sense.  It creates an income stream from the space you live in, while you are not there, and that means added cash to the travel budget.  A funding source not commonly thought of in the past.

So here are a couple ideas to get you started, we will start with the low hanging fruit:

  • Rent un-used space in primary residence – Renting un-used space in a primary residence is not a new or novel concept. It the oldest know form of traveling.  The concept was reborn in San Francisco when a few roommates decided to rent out a un-used room and an airbed to strangers when local hotels were overbooked. They called it Airbnb (“air” “b&b”).  Now you can rent unique places  to travelers all over the world, and earn extra cash.  *If you rent – try to get your landlord to work a provision of sub-letting the property.
  • Rent entire primary residence – Clearly, this won’t work all the time, however, when you do take time off to travel or if you travel for work regularly you can offset travel expenses with the extra cash you earn. There are even some lucrative tax-free benefits to this.

Make no mistake, it may be easy to get started earning some extra income, if you want to get more advanced real estate investing is a serious business where professionals thrive and amatures get chewed up – its wise investment to get some more education it could mean the difference between scraping your knee and cutting your leg off.

  • Rent second home – If you have a second home and are not currently renting it you can start, and consider buying your second home is a rad surf destination
  • Build rental portfolio – The most Savvy Beach Bums, have been able to quit their day jobs, quietly exit the rat race as their income generated form smart well executed real estate investments affords them the time freedom to do what they want.  Guess the rate race will have to go on with less rats.  CAUTION – *Much more skill, education and resources are required for this level of investing*  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Real estate investing is definitely a lifestyle business but its not the only one, which is cool because its not for everyone. Today, as a result of internet people with any passion have the opportunity to broadcast themselves and their content via the internet.  Done professionally and strategically there are more options than ever before to earn extra cash.   The cool thing with the internet business is that all you really need are *skills, a computer and an internet connection.  You don’t need to physically be in any one location – so choose the ones you desire.

Creating new income streams is only one side of the equation.  Saving a dollar is the other side and often times can be a easier to earning a dollar.  Just so you know, each dollar you save is exactly the same as each dollar you earn, Savvy Beach Bums know this and take advantage.

How you can reduce surf travel expenses and save dollars

Just as there are real estate professionals there are travel professionals,   These folks are skilled and informed in the art of traveling big on a modest budget, otherwise known as “travel hacking.” Essentially, they know how to make a nickel go a long way.

Savvy beach bums learned from these pro’s know that the two biggest expenses they are exposed to while traveling are the 550 mph tube you will by flying in and bed you sleep in at night.

They embrace emerging concepts like the “shared economy” and vacation rentals from the travelers perspective.  Why? Because, like us, they understand affordability and value.  More space, amenities, a local connection add big value to the travel experience and more importantly the per person cost is more less.  It just makes sense.

What about Airfare Expenses?

It painful and frustrating to have to back out on a epic trip because the airfare is simply out of reach.  Whether you have the cash or not, having a back-up bank of airline currency (mileage and vouchers), can reduce a trips expense by 25% or more.  There are solutions and strategy to build a massive account of airline currency, we are not saying it will be easy or quick, but it will be worth it because more memories will be within reach.

We have been able to literally fly #RTW “Around The World” – Business Class on airline miles.  We don’t mention that to impress you, only to impress upon you what is possible by following simple travel hacks and ideas.

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