Surfing Cape Town: An Excellent Winter Surf Destination

Muizenberg beach early a.m by dave jones

Surfing Cape Town.. The Surf Season Begins… When the last summer holidaymakers leave the beaches and winter sets in, the Cape Town surf season begins in earnest. The winter winds are offshore at Muizenberg beach, the city’s most popular surf spot. Beautifully shaped, clean, 2-4 foot waves appear with regularity. Deep ocean swell brings larger 4 – 6 foot or … Read More

SUP in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Kona Bay, Kailua-Kona by Robert Linsdell

Why SUP? Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUP, has been around for centuries but it has never been as popular as it is now. Being rooted in Hawaiian culture, Big Island, Hawaii is the perfect place to learn how to paddle board or hone your skills in the surf. Kailua-Kona, HI If you plan on staying anywhere on the West … Read More

Get The Kids Surfing!!

Father and son tandem surfing

Small Sacrifices Are Worth It   Planning a proper surf trip is hard enough but what happens when you have to make plans and include the grommets as well? Certain sacrifices may have to be made involving the spots you want to surf but surfing two-foot mushburgers can be just as fun as six-foot wedges when you can share the … Read More

Kook Quiz: Think You Know Your Surfing Etiquette?

Old-Mans North pacific Beach Live Swell

Surfing is a rad sport, yet as more and more people participate in the activity it is important to understand surfing etiquette.  Goofing up in the water can be dangerous to you and others.  Just as, not knowing the “rules of the road” is to driving,  it is important to know the “surfers code” in the water surfing. Are you … Read More

You’re missing out if you’re not Surfing Tamarindo Costa Rica

Costa Rica Carolin family Surfing Tamarindo costa rico

My Second Surf Trip After my first experience with surfing, I couldn’t stop thinking about when I would once again get the opportunity to feel that spiritual high that had transformed my life. I was ready for my next trip which would be surfing Tamarindo Costa Rico. Why Tamarindo? As a mother of four, I quickly got back to my … Read More

Cuba Surfing – From Huntington to Havana

cuba surfing

A surf trip to Cuba is on the brink of the surfing world’s radar. The surf scene, though youthful and still developing, is still comprised of meager supplies and equipment. With what local surfers may lack in material goods they certainly make up for with enthusiasm and over two thousand miles of coastline. Cuba-America Travel Sanctions Lifted Traveling to Cuba … Read More

Next Trip: Santa Cruz Surf Trip

Santa Cruz Surf Trip

If there was one perfect surf town in all of California, maybe even all of the United States, Santa Cruz easily takes the prize. Situated on the northern end of the Central Californian region, Santa Cruz is an absolute wave magnet that has been drawing the adventurous for decades. There may not only be one solution to finding good waves … Read More

Best Surf Towns: Raglan Surf (plus glow worms, bubbling mud n more)

Raglan Surf Trip Live Swell

A Raglan Surf Trip Do you love to travel and surf? If the answer is yes, then how would it make you feel to knock a few of the best surf destinations off your bucket list? If you’re like us then it would probably feel like you are living life to the fullest.  Thats what Live Swell is about, living … Read More

See How Easily You Can Travel and Surf More Often & Differently

Capri By the Sea Pacific Beach Live Swell

Have you ever asked yourself how you can travel and surf more often? We do all the time.  We are passionate about traveling and surfing as much as possible and believe there are really not to many better reasons to travel then to travel and surf!  Just thinking about a surf trip produces feelings of excitement and stoke. When your traveling … Read More

Live Swell’s Top 10 Surfing Quotes

Just as there have been many revolutionary great surfers who have influenced the sport of surfing, there are many surfing quotes that still make waves and influence us today. These quotes make us think, inspire us to travel and surf, and most important make us want to live the lives we want. Surfing quotes provide another another perspective and can … Read More