Surf Guide to New Zealand

New Zealand Surfing cheese

With an abundance of uncrowded and high-powered surf, New Zealand is an obvious destination for the adventure-seeking surfer. To be blunt, however, these two wildly beautiful and rugged islands pose an exceptional challenge that is not for the meager nor the faint of heart. With the South Island enduring brutally cold winter months and the North Island’s warmer yet less … Read More

Next Stop – Brazil


A healthy variety of warm waves in crystal clear water make Brazil an easy pick for a surf trip. Boasting over 4,600 miles of coastline, Brazil dishes out waves for every level of surfer from the first-timer riding a foamie to heaving barrels for the likes of John John and Kelly. Brazil has so much on tap for visitors that … Read More

Travel Tips: Packing Your Surfboard Bag For Your Next Flight

Most surfers like to travel and going on a surf trip is an wildly exciting experience. Whether it is to avoid the crowds, finding perfect waves or simply a change in scenery, surf trips are almost always worth the effort. It is crucial that preparation is involved as to enjoy the trip to its maximum potential. The majority of surfers often take … Read More

Local’s Insight: Pacific Beach, California

Pacific Beach: perfect weather all year round, consistent waves for all skill levels, and a healthy dose of the Southern Californian lifestyle that will keep you coming back to this gem of a small suburb just outside of downtown San Diego. Pacific Beach is situated less than ten miles outside downtown San Diego and has always been a sought after … Read More

Wave Pool Surfing a Different Type of Surf Trip

With the recent video release of the Kelly Slater Wave Company wave pool the reality of quality wave pool surfing is more clear than ever.  Welcome to the future of surfing.  Thats great news if you want to surf more, the availability of near perfect waves will be increasing in the future and it certainly makes for a different & unique type … Read More

Hey Mama! Don’t Give Up on Your Surfing Dreams

Surfing was on my mental bucket list for as long as I could remember.  I don’t exactly know where that desire came from, whether I inherited it from being born in Brazil or whether it came from my Chilean family roots. Either way, it was always there. I was fascinated with watching it on T.V. or reading surfing magazines despite … Read More

Financing Your Next Surf Trip

Traveling is expensive, plain and simple. Between the transportation costs, whether it be gas, tickets, or airline fees, the expenses can really add up and become a burden on any traveler’s wallet. While there are many expenses that are nearly impossible to avoid, there are more ways now than ever to finance a surf trip through different means. The tricky … Read More

Viva la France

Sometimes all it takes is packing a bag and booking a ticket. A leap of faith that only a spontaneously purchased travel ticket to a foreign land can fulfill. In retrospect, my very first trip overseas was astonishingly shortsighted but thanks to the overwhelming graciousness of a few kind strangers I was able to have an experience that was nothing … Read More

Quiz: What’s your Travel Personality?

Let Your Travel Personality Plan Your Next Vacation Do you get a little excited when you know you are about to take a trip? It’s fun to think of the new places to see and new people to meet. So in a way planning for a trip is a part of the travel experience. It is the place where you … Read More