Yoga and Surfing: Learn to paddle stronger

Yoga and Surfing I’ve mentioned before that my paddle strength is pretty horrible. Never was this more evident than when trying to paddle out on a recent trip to Southern California. I’m good at spotting the channel, but the impact zone on a California wave is long and fast, not like the Florida conditions I’m used to, so my options … Read More

You’re missing out if you’re not Surfing Tamarindo Costa Rica

Costa Rica Carolin family Surfing Tamarindo costa rico

My Second Surf Trip After my first experience with surfing, I couldn’t stop thinking about when I would once again get the opportunity to feel that spiritual high that had transformed my life. I was ready for my next trip which would be surfing Tamarindo Costa Rico. Why Tamarindo? As a mother of four, I quickly got back to my … Read More

Next Trip: Santa Cruz Surf Trip

Santa Cruz Surf Trip

If there was one perfect surf town in all of California, maybe even all of the United States, Santa Cruz easily takes the prize. Situated on the northern end of the Central Californian region, Santa Cruz is an absolute wave magnet that has been drawing the adventurous for decades. There may not only be one solution to finding good waves … Read More

Local’s Insight: Pacific Beach, California

Pacific Beach: perfect weather all year round, consistent waves for all skill levels, and a healthy dose of the Southern Californian lifestyle that will keep you coming back to this gem of a small suburb just outside of downtown San Diego. Pacific Beach is situated less than ten miles outside downtown San Diego and has always been a sought after … Read More

Financing Your Next Surf Trip

Traveling is expensive, plain and simple. Between the transportation costs, whether it be gas, tickets, or airline fees, the expenses can really add up and become a burden on any traveler’s wallet. While there are many expenses that are nearly impossible to avoid, there are more ways now than ever to finance a surf trip through different means. The tricky … Read More

How to Find a Whelk in the Outer Banks

How to not let a cloudy day rain on your next Surf Trip When you plan a visit to a beach town, its mighty difficult to plan the weather at the time you schedule your trip.  I mean, the weather channels have a hard time predicting weather in the next 72 hours let alone weeks or months out (depending how … Read More

How to Fast Track your Next Epic Surf Trip without Breaking the Bank

Noosa Heads Live Swell Surf vacation. JPG-imp

Do you love to travel? If you’re like me, then the answer is YES. It’s great to hear about the awesome vacations people take and learn about the amazing places the world has to offer. But what’s even better, is to actually travel to these places yourself. Seems obvious right? But you might be saying to yourself, “well sure I’d … Read More

Don’t Miss out on Your Epic Bali Surf Trip

Live Swell Surf Trip Padang Padang Bali-imp

Why a Bali Surf Trip? Looking for a high impact surf trip? Think Bali, Indonesia. Let us take you an epic Bali surf trip with this article but more importantly, we will show you how you can get there for practically for free. A Bali surf trip, simply put, is just a surfer’s paradise. Why? You will find thousands of … Read More

Best Surf Towns: Outer Banks Surfing and much more!

A Surf Trip to the Outer Banks Outer Banks Surfing and More! When I know I am about to plan my next surf trip to any one of the many surf destinations to choose from, I can’t help it but look through all of the different travel sites and tips on the best places to go. I often find there … Read More