What Makes a Great Surf Town?

Mike Live Swell San Diego Mission Beach Sunset Surfing

A great surf town, like any epic destination, is nearly the magical sum of its parts.  Whether you plan to surf or not, a great surf town typically offers more than consistent good quality waves. With years of living and traveling to some of the best surf towns world wide our team at Live Swell has found some common traits … Read More

Savvy Surf Travelers Prefer Unique Places To Stay (and Why You Should To)

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How people travel and stay today is changing dramatically, have you noticed?  If not, its totally cool, but you may be missing out. “The only thing that is constant is change.” ― Heraclitus For example, companies like Airbnb and SurfBreakRentals, both online platforms that allows users to list, rent and find lodging are growing in popularity everyday. “Rent unique places to stay from local … Read More

How To Make Travel To Surf Towns Affordable

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When you hear the name Johnnie Cochran you probably don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling or think of traveling to beach towns.  Johnnie Cochran is best known for getting a major pop culture icon with a marginal amount of talent acquitted of a crime he totally committed. I’m talking of course about the time he represented Puff Daddy on … Read More

Rob Machado Chats San Diego’s Best Surf Towns

San Diego - Live Swell

We love surf towns and prefer to experience them like a local. Why should you love rad surf towns like San Diego? In this short clip, pro surfer and local San Diegian Rob Machado, spills his favorite places to grab a wave, catch a show and snag a burrito (a San Diego classic). The worlds best surf towns are worth … Read More

The Secret About the Best Beach Towns in California

La Jolla, San Diego, California. Tops the list of the World's Best Surf Towns.

There are lots of beach towns in California, so what makes the best beach towns in California?  Well that depends on who you ask. We are a bit biased, but that is ok. We believe that surf towns make some of the best places to visit (and best beach towns) whether surfing is a priority or not.  Here is the secret: … Read More

The 2 Biggest Expenses on Surf Trips & What to do About It

Best Airline Credit Cards for the Surf Traveler

As surfers we are bound by the common burning desire to find great waves so we travel to epic surf destinations on surf trips.  Most of us live in parts of the world that simply don’t get great surf all the time, unless you live in Bali or Hawaii, two of the best places to surf in the world.  Lucky … Read More

Surf Trips and Sushi in Japan Like a Samurai

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Welcome to Japan Japan is a lesser know destination for a surf trip, however, like most of the worlds best surf towns it sits in the pacific with a wide open swell window, so when there is a cyclone or a strong south swell its likely to see some action. Littered with reefs and points Japan makes an excellent choice … Read More

The Biggest Lie about the Best California Beaches

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Trestles in Orange County is pretty much close to a perfect wave and is definitely one of the best places to surf. What could be wrong with that? Well here comes the biggest lie: It’s not crowded!!! Reality is, it’s most likely going to be packed to the gills. Check out the Live HD Surf Cam and you are likely … Read More

Best Surf Destinations – Bali Surfing Trip Just Like Hawaii 100 Yrs ago

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Time Travel, How to Experience Hawaii 100 Years Ago – A Bali Surfing Trip Hawaii too posh or simply too expensive? No worries just take Doc Brown’s Dolorian for a spin back to the past or you could just hop on an airplane: Think Bali, Indonesia. More popular with Australians and Europeans, due to its accessibility, a Bali surfing trip … Read More

How to Fast Track your Next Epic Surf Trip without Breaking the Bank

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Do you love to travel? If you’re like me, then the answer is YES. It’s great to hear about the awesome vacations people take and learn about the amazing places the world has to offer. But what’s even better, is to actually travel to these places yourself. Seems obvious right? But you might be saying to yourself, “well sure I’d … Read More